New look for LokLokLogs approaching?

Good evening (what salutation do I give at 3:26am?!)

I am currently in the process of creating a new theme for LokLokLogs’ blog, which should be complete in the next few days. Currently, I am using the wonderful Mystique theme, available free by digitalnature which has provided me with fantastic choices and options with considerable flexibility, but I have decided to use my own starting as soon as possible. This way, I will have as much control as my skill and software allows, and hopefully a design that I find suits the site as I want it at the present moment. The new theme will probably be quite typical, like most simplistic-type blogs these days…but it works well! I probably won’t be able to have some features that were available in professionally made themes such as Mystique, but I hope that will motivate me to learn and move forward. Secondly, I plan on moving the blog to after thinking that I won’t really need anything else on my site besides this blog which is the main focus.

And yes, tests are almost over for me, just one left! I’ll be free!!! …for awhile.

Wow, it’s getting late here so I better get a move on. Hopefully Gochisou-deshita and myself will have something well under way over the next few weeks!

Bye bye!