This morning, after making sure my physics assignment was decent enough, I just remembered my music practical assessment is tomorrow…so right now I am making the complex decision; should I play Liszt, or should I play some Ensiferum? Guitar or piano? In an attempt to give my brain some peace through this ever-so-important decision, I come to make a blog post, as I have not done so in a considerable amount of time.

Recently, 20+ of our group went to Sydney for Yumcha lunch and the such. Something like four of our friends had birthdays pretty much consecutively, so we decided to kill four birds with one stone. Being Asians, Roger (gochisou), myself and a few others were totally accustomed to yumcha and the goodness it brings. Along with the strangeness. You know what I’m talking about right? The faces the white kids make when they see chicken feet or tripe. Priceless. In fact, some told me that they were further put off chicken feet by my vivid description of the process in which to eat it. Apparently people get put off by dislocating joints inside their mouths…

Anyway, after that enjoyable new-for-many-of-the-white-friends experience (and hefty bill racked up for us 16/17 year olds) we headed on to the usual destination: Morning Glory. Always a fun experience looking at all those cute little Asian thingies, large pandas, Totoro’s, etc. :)

Then came the Lindt cafe at Darling Harbour, where I was treated to a Ice Chocolate (I still feel the need to pay back :P ). Needless to say, it was beautiful and intensely sweet. But not too sweet. I’m one of those guys that doesn’t like sweets that are too sweet, but this was about right for a $6.50 beverage. *thumbs up*

Just recently, I saw a Facebook ad. Thrilling isn’t it? But indeed it is…it seems Facebook ads are well targeted; it might just be me, but I get a lot of ads which I actually click and find extremely interesting! Some things I never would have known about come to my knowledge through Facebook ads! This time it was for a music festival, which has a bit of metal. It’s called No Sleep Til [enter city here], so for me it would be No Sleep Til Sydney. http://www.nosleeptil.com.au/

Now, heading onto Last.fm, I have 8 recommended artists in the line-up, which is pretty good. Out of these, I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy Megadeth, Katatonia, Dropkick Murphys and 3 inches of Blood. However, at $140…it’s gonna be hard for me to justify that. I mean, Screamfest was more…but Ensiferum and Edguy? Definitely worth it. Speaking of Screamfest, any of you hear anything about it coming back again? After all, JustSayRock seem to have some troubles (dropping the Turisas tour at a very late notice, which was fortunately picked up by Soundwave I believe). If anyone out there knows something, I’d love to know. Screamfest 2010 was just too beautiful for my livemetalvirgin ears.

Also, if you haven’t heard……………..