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REEL Anime film festival (update x2)


Just earlier this month, our REEL anime film festival begun in theatres around Australia and New Zealand. I was largely quite impressed with the selection brought down to us deprived otakus here in Australia. After a quick look and talk, several of my friends along with myself decided to watch a few of these…

Read on for my opinions on Evangelion 2.0, Redline, King of Thorn and Summer Wars!

Evangelion 2.0

Without a doubt, everybody has heard of this film remake quadrilogy of the all-time fan favourite series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Personally, I found the film Evangelion 1 quite disappointing. I had not seen the original series, but I’m sure fans of that would have enjoyed the first movie a lot more than myself. I found it rather slow and boring, mainly because I rented the DVD at Blockbuster based on the assumption that it would be a fast paced film full of killing stuff. The second reason I was disappointed was the sheer amount of whinging from the lead character, Shinji. How angsty can you get?

Thankfully, Evangelion 2.0 exceeded any expectations I could have developed based on the first film and actually becomes one of my favourite anime. Heck, I can even say……

I did my first reverse parking and movie made me laugh lots

Sooooo today, Leon the L plate driver with 43 hours logged did his first reverse park. Yay!

In other news, big exams coming up this week for many of us, so with that comes a lot of study. And with that comes a lot of procrastination. This time, I have added a few little things:

  • Chatroom link on the sidebar is now a pop-up
  • A different forum/board software is in use, will eventually remove the Everything and Anything forum which I never managed to get to work properly
    • New forum/board (Kareha) runs on something similar to the renowned Japanese 2ch (or our 4chan), with forced anonymity. I just need to work out how to customize it and add a sidebar just like 2ch

I had been considering using that board style for awhile now, but I guess I managed to forget that I wanted to. However, recently I watched the film Densha Otoko which translates to Train Man. Tis a Japanese film about an otaku who falls in love and changes his ways. I might write a review of it sometime…

Read on!

Quick Review: The Boat That Rocked

I was very eager and had high expectations when I picked up this film from Blockbuster Lisarow, for two obvious reasons: it was from the guy that brought us ‘Love Actually’ (a charmingly brilliant film in just about every sense), and its all star cast.  I’ll give this a 6.5/10…maybe you won’t bother reading on about a film that I decide is just ‘decent’ or ‘good entertainment’. Well, I shall justify my rating.

First is my ramble, skip this if you are bored already and just want to get to the flesh of this review…well, I have seen plenty of movies in my day and I think it’s fair to say that this movie seems to push the boundaries of how much sexual content is allowed in a M rated movie these days. I mean, basically, half the movie is about sex and the related kinky adventures of these ‘pirates’. Given the context, this is rather understandable, but still, MA15+ would’ve been more suitable. Hmmm…there also should’ve been more plot points based on music…but I guess the script was based around sex and its accompanying humour.

Besides that, this movie is fairly humourous, managing to keep me awake whilst in a extremely comfortable lying position on the couch. Two thirds of the jokes are of a sexual nature, but about 60% of the total jokes are worth a decent ‘lol’. The plot is rather simple, at times predictable, at times shockingly not…given the context, the plot is simple and sweet, and a little twisted. *thumbs up* Acting is obviously of a high standard, given the outrageous number of A list actors…but still, some scenes and emotions seemed a bit forced and weren’t convincing enough for me. This could also be partially blamed on the characters: there was a plethora of them, all with the complimenting personalities expected in this genre, and some were clearly shallower than they should have been. The music is perfectly chosen to suit the context. Directing was typical Hollywood- camerawork, editing, pacing, etc were all as expected.

Don’t get me wrong, this film is good entertainment, but ultimately not quite a masterpiece/work of art, especially when placed side by side with the genius of ‘Love Actually’.

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