Azusa Movic Photoshoot

The feeling of having a box waiting at home for you is always exciting. Today was the first time in almost a month for me, so it took me by surprise. Anyway, here’s a quick photoshoot of Movic’s Azusa Nakano: the youngest member of the light music club in the incredibly popular anime K-ON!! In this figure, the cute twin-tailed (yet often the most mature) K-ON!! star is featured with her red Fender Jaguar and casual clothes. The figure is nice; the hair is well made, and the painting is overall good. Put next to Hitagi, it tends to be outshone due to Hitagi’s array of stationery…but my favourite K-ON!! character Azu-nyaaaaan <3 is still cute :) One thing that surprised me about the figure is that the strings on the Fender are not painted on, but some sort of wire (nylon?). Maybe this is normal, but this is only the fourth PVC figure I own (two being Nendoroids) :P

Well here she is!

Click on to see more pics! Note: This post is unfriendly to you if you are on dial-up or have been capped.


My October ‘loot’, first nendos evar!

Today I joined the proud ranks of anime figurine owners after I journeyed to Roger’s place to pick up my box of loot from Japan and the US. We had taken a trip to IKEA to hunt down some workspace options and upgrades to our rooms. Roger was looking for some glass display shelving for his Fate figurine which releases early next year, along with some lighting options and some general browsing for prices on various things. I wasn’t there for any specific, just browsing, seeing what might be useful and suitable for my productive-ness and aesthetic pleasure. After all, when I’m not at school most of the time is spent in my room. The only times I leave it are to go to the toilet, eat, refill my tea, talk to my cat or watch some movie on the TV. In the end, neither of us bought anything from IKEA, but it was still worth it to find out prices of various things that might be needed in the future. Then we went to see The Social Network, which opened here last week I think. I found it pretty entertaining, but found it a bit confusing at the beginning because of the non-linear structure which I did not expect.


After this I went to pick up my loots, which had finally arrived. As you probably have read from Roger’s blog, I had ordered a Hitagi figurine from AmiAmi which was unfortunately delayed until December. Nonetheless I am still pleased with my acquisition of my first nendoroids: Azusa and Black Rock Shooter (which caused Roger some frustration due to its marked down price…). I also got a Asuka (Evangelion) ‘memo mousepad’ by Movic.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

I also finally received my ‘limited edition’ Lithograph from RightStuf. Labelled 120 out of 250 prints, this 16 x 20” lithograph caused me quite a lot of pain but I am very glad to have it as I felt the need to purchase some Clannad merchandise after finally getting around to watching it (and completing it very quickly!). ‘Lithographs’ are supposed to be super high quality prints, but on a first glance…I can’t really see what differentiates it from any other official quality print. It’s still beautiful though :P I love Clannad :)


Now I just need a frame for it and sit it up on the wall in front of my desk!

It seems I had forgotten to write up about The World God Only Knows episode 5…after being distracted by watching Gundam Unicorn episode 2 right after. I find Gundam Unicorn absolutely gorgeous, but coming from me I don’t know how much that means; I’m not exactly a hardcore Gundam watcher, only having seen Gundam 00. The art is high quality, as with the music and sound (except, sound doesn’t travel in space…but we’ll forgive that cos it’s badass) and the story seems quite developed, politics, war, etc. Typical mech type, but hey, it works.


I’ll have to go write up that episode 5 now, after playing around with my Azu-nyan for a bit first of course!