July Log

A month or so has passed, and now I am finally blogging again. Failing to do so in the school holidays and leaving it until now was probably not the best idea, but on a Friday night at home there’s not much else to do. Actually, I’ll take that back. I have a plethora of things on my agenda, things both constructive and others procrastination in its purest form. I have Korean Drama to watch, anime to catch up on, music compositions to complete and etcetera. I could even read a book, or study for those final tests approaching ever so quickly. However, with all this time I do not feel like doing any of them, always thinking “I have tomorrow!” (I don’t have a shift tomorrow, so I have an empty Saturday for the first time in awhile). So now, I shall blog.

Some movies I’ve watched since last time:

  • Taxi Driver (old movie starring Robert De Niro, directed by Scorcesse): 9/10 Entertaining, well played.
  • True Grit (Coen brothers): 7.5/10 Simple story, very well executed
  • Super 8 (JJ Abrams, Speilberg alien flick): 8.5/10 A fresher take on alien flicks, I loved seeing it from a child’s perspective. Enjoyable script.

This post, finally following the format of a ‘Log’ as the name of my website ought to suggest, will do just that; provide a summation of my experiences since the last post until now. I will do that to the best of my memory, hopefully with photos (just phone shots, so don’t expect the best quality)  to make things more colourful and exciting ^^



I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Exhibition/Show, which was a fairly spontaneous decision. Tagged along with a couple of friends, and unfortunately none of us cosplayed. I went in there planning not to spend much money. The atmosphere was brilliant, fans of all different things all together in one big happy display of geekery and consumerism! Support our economy by purchasing goods at higher prices than available online! Highlights for me were failing at Dance Dance Revolution, and getting the autograph of the seiyuu of Asuka Langley of Evangelion fame, Yuko Miyamura!

Below are just a few quick shots I took with my phone, so do excuse the blurry outcome. Here we have the ‘Black Beauty’ from the film The Green Hornet, which quite frankly was not very good. Despite that, I did manage to sit through it twice without either dozing off or getting annoyed at how cliché/cheesy it was. This was most likely due to my bias for Jay Chou, who I thought managed to do quite well. This overall pathetic film was the debut for the Taiwanese singer, composer, director and actor into Hollywood. I hope he has a brighter future in Hollywood! Be sure to check out…

Writing an assessment on stalkers was a good idea after all…

One set of school stress is over…and I am rather glad. I celebrated with Scott Pilgrim VS The World (which was rather good as long as you understand the geeky references) and a nice steak lunch. Now, I shall relax for a bit more with some nice Pop and tea…

I lied.

There’s actually.

Tests on.



Moving on from an exaggerated complaint about tests from a subject which I am considering dropping, to………