New look for LokLokLogs approaching?

Good evening (what salutation do I give at 3:26am?!)

I am currently in the process of creating a new theme for LokLokLogs’ blog, which should be complete in the next few days. Currently, I am using the wonderful Mystique theme, available free by digitalnature which has provided me with fantastic choices and options with considerable flexibility, but I have decided to use my own starting as soon as possible. This way, I will have as much control as my skill and software allows, and hopefully a design that I find suits the site as I want it at the present moment. The new theme will probably be quite typical, like most simplistic-type blogs these days…but it works well! I probably won’t be able to have some features that were available in professionally made themes such as Mystique, but I hope that will motivate me to learn and move forward. Secondly, I plan on moving the blog to after thinking that I won’t really need anything else on my site besides this blog which is the main focus.

And yes, tests are almost over for me, just one left! I’ll be free!!! …for awhile.

Wow, it’s getting late here so I better get a move on. Hopefully Gochisou-deshita and myself will have something well under way over the next few weeks!

Bye bye!

I did my first reverse parking and movie made me laugh lots

Sooooo today, Leon the L plate driver with 43 hours logged did his first reverse park. Yay!

In other news, big exams coming up this week for many of us, so with that comes a lot of study. And with that comes a lot of procrastination. This time, I have added a few little things:

  • Chatroom link on the sidebar is now a pop-up
  • A different forum/board software is in use, will eventually remove the Everything and Anything forum which I never managed to get to work properly
    • New forum/board (Kareha) runs on something similar to the renowned Japanese 2ch (or our 4chan), with forced anonymity. I just need to work out how to customize it and add a sidebar just like 2ch

I had been considering using that board style for awhile now, but I guess I managed to forget that I wanted to. However, recently I watched the film Densha Otoko which translates to Train Man. Tis a Japanese film about an otaku who falls in love and changes his ways. I might write a review of it sometime…

Read on!

I hate word limits in assessments :’(

So just a quick little something before I get back to creative writing for school…

I have changed the banner/background here, mainly because I didn’t like the feeling that I was using the complete defaults of this wonderful Wordpress theme I’ve got running at the moment. I’m quite indecisive, so some things might change again…quite soon…

It seems both gochisou-deshita and I wander off to our blogs every time we procrastinate (he’s done quite a considerate revamp of his site by the way!). Actually, on that note, I might take his idea and redo my About Me page a bit differently. Like he said, a profile makes it easier to read!

Now I’ll leave you with a short movie review…I plan on making it a somewhat regular thing, seeing as I do watch a lot of movies hahaha


Plans for the holidays, For 樂樂 Logs

Soooo, I’m just sitting here at my desk drinking Tetley leaf tea with ~20mL of milk and 3/4 of a teaspoon of brown sugar with a sheet entitled ‘YEAR 11 3UNIT POLYNOMIALS TEST’ lying just in front of me. My pencil is ready, my blue pen is uncapped and my calculator is on…but first I thought I’d make a blog post. Just a quick one. With no whinging.

Sooo, I was just thinking that I might start a forum on here in the holidays, with anonymity in mind. What I’m hoping for is fairly serious discussions in anonymity, to remove the whole problem of identity (not to encourage trolls or whatever), so that people can have intelligent discussions without having people attack the person rather than ‘attacking’/countering with the discussion. Sounds good to me…but then again, so do many things when I’m doing maths…and at night…and bloody tired…

Mmmmmm next I think I will finally make a new vlog post: it’s been a month or so. Also, I’m thinking of taking a more structured approach to blogging/this whole site in general.

That is all.

The start of another so-called ‘project’, the one to rule them all?

Finally I have reached this destination, a new domain on a shiny new host. Hopefully, this is the one I can call home for years to come after cycling through two other blogs, most recently being ‘Oh, kind sir!’ (ie. the blog linked from this homepage as ‘OLD BLOG’ (read my last everrrrr post on it here). Changes to my system…hmmm…for the time being, I will stick to a standard entry every 1 or 2 days. If things go as planned, I will also have sufficient time to post other features here besides just daily life Logs, e.g. reviews, hype, opinions and other fascinating articles that will draw me some attention.

If you are unfamiliar with my old projects/me, the easiest way to determine whether its worth your time coming back here would be to check out my Youtube vLog, read my About section (which should have something in it now/soon). If you are still unsure, it would boost my self-esteem if you did return occasionally to check out things and I’ll try to make my content understandable by people who don’t know me/my activities/my life, basically, people who I’ve never laid my eyes upon before. Also, before anybody asks, 樂樂 (Lok Lok) is my Chinese nickname. I just picked it because it seemed like a good idea at the time, with alliteration and all. Also, it amuses me when relatives call me 樂樂 in that kiddy voice, as if I’m like…3 or something. So yeah, that’s that.

Secondly, I’m currently juggling whether to stick with my old Youtube vLog or not (linked here and on the home portal). It doesn’t really matter at the moment, but I think I will definitely change it at some point…say, when I go for a new look or kick off the collab project with Gochisou-deshita (also linked in the lower ‘extra links’ portion of the home portal), who has in fact just returned from his journey to Shanghai today! More on these projects at a later date. Don’t be surprised if you see this blog change its look every so often, as I am quite indecisive- especially with so many options around. That being said, no new main links will appear in the portal anytime soon…assessments are creeping around the corner, ready to attack. I must prepare.

Now for the fun part: some rules! If in the unlikely event that people actually start commenting on my posts, common sense applies. I know, I know…its the internets; what is this common sense I speak of? Well, to put it bluntly: no sexual harrassment, racism, pornographic link spamming, troll feeding, distasteful comments with crude sexual content (or toilet humour? If kids are still into that these days) of any sort. Actually, if your distasteful comments are amusing, then go ahead. But be sensible: I’m not a big fan of bullshit. Also, in regards to my content; people who know me will understand most of it more…and most will be one of those either-you-like-it-or-you-don’t kinda things. Like mathematics. Oh boy, I do like me some good mathematics questions. Yummo.

Back to the topic of ‘projects’. Gochisou-deshita and my first video has been made (as some of you would know) and to our great joy, seemed to be well accepted/appreciated by peers and teachers. We might upload that sometime…keep it in your pants kiddo: don’t get too excited. Might. Anyway, I’m working on getting my lazy ass up and getting a bloody job, in order to acquire some money to acquire a 3D camera for any future videos we might want to make. Just kidding, we only want a HD video camera and some other accessories and software. Should be good, considering the amount of fun we all had making our first short (3 minute) ‘film’. :)

Anyway, I’ll leave it here with a simple question: any features you want here? Nothing silly like pacman or weird script cursors. Features as in wordpress plugin recommendations, polls, discussion boards or even podcasts.