Holidays: quick update…

Hello world! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything on this site. Haven’t kept up to date with all that anime, and the Fall 2010 season is already over (for the 13 ep series such as Arakawa and Oreimo). Bakuman is still going after passing its halfway mark, and steadily improving on its [frankly] tedious start. It even has a second season announced which is great news for fans of the manga! The World God Only Knows also announced a much needed second season, after finishing disappointingly with a filler episode (a good one, but bad placement. Would’ve preferred some more plot to finish the season).

Christmas and the school holidays have really killed the blogging spirit. After several weeks of intense yearly tests, all a student really wants to do is lie on a couch, watch anime (without thinking about what to blog about it!), go out with friends and party. For these few weeks, between sleep and part time work, I can easily say this is so far one of the most packed holidays I’ve had…as long as I can remember. Partly thanks to my parents loosening the leash, and improved organization skills :D So far there’s been fireworks watching, family gatherings, movie marathons, anime marathons, city trips, restaurants, fishing, poker, and a bit of collab work with Roger. Not bad so far, but more parties are definitely needed XD and homework too.

Just recently discovered DJ Max Technika! Such a newbie at these fun rhythm arcade games!

Plans for the rest of the holiday include The Kings Speech, Tangled, Green Hornet, city trips (need moar DDR and DJ Max arcade! ^_^), several more marathons, getting a grip on my solo electronic music project, maybe changing my bedroom to a different room of the house (smaller, but narrow shape allows for something new?) and hopefully kicking off more collab projects I’ve talked about with some friends! Got some exciting ideas that I really hope come to fruition. Might start writing film reviews again if I get bored of all the games I bought from the massive Steam sale! One 700 word film review will be much easier to write than weekly anime coverage!

Will need to work more shifts/get a second job if I want to have a even better holiday next year overseas though T__T Going job hunting at restaurants with a mate next week.

Rented FFXIII recently, didn’t play much due to my nit-picking on the English VOs (which are actually mostly good). Will have to import the Chinese copy with English subtitles and Japanese voices!

Apparently they are coming to Sydney soon. Haven’t really listened to them much :S

I wish SNSD would come instead :P Might have something to do with them being female

Need to sleep, shower and get up again within the next few hours…getting a haircut and seeing the hyped The Kings Speech tomorrow with family, so I’ll update this with a YouTube embed of my remixed song soon! おやすみ!


Ore no Imouto finish

…or at least the ‘good end’. Episode 12 of the hands-down best anime of the season and maybe even the year almost had me in tears again after an absolutely beautiful ending. It was a heavy dose of cuteness and sweetness, but it was the right dose. Not too much; just right. Now, we all saw it coming for this good happy ending, but my expectations were met and exceeded furthermore. I just wonder how the ‘bad end’ will be, which I think comes out later :S from what my friends have told me at least.

Now that Oreimo is ‘over’, and because I’m also a few days into my end of year school holidays, I can comfortably blog in the quiet of my dark room with k-pop blaring in the background. Here’s my song of the day, which is a bit different from my norm of metal, and probably a song that many of you know all too well:

Anyway, back on track with a short summary review of Oreimo before I sleep! Have work tomorrow!


You’ve probably read some of my other articles on this anime, and almost definitely would have heard enough about it from the general anime community. Based on looks alone, this anime isn’t really anything special: what makes it stand out so far in front and away from most mainstream anime out there is the story and what it deals with.

Oreimo as you should know by now is an anime about a brother and sister, and a whole lot of erotic stuff. To clear up misconceptions and weird implications of that previous sentence, it’s about a middle school girl who is secretly addicted to erotic video games whose nature is frowned upon by general society. Personally speaking here (as a blog is supposed to do), in this situation I belong in the ‘general society’ frowning upon what this young girl enjoys doing in her spare time. If you’re like me, as you watch this anime you will find that it does deal with relevant issues. You see, the brother, parents and the friends also frown upon her nasty habit.

As a student, I find myself here forcing myself to stop this from becoming an essay on the story. That itself should explain the depth that can be found in this series, beneath the giggles and ridiculous situations, there is more than enough to challenge us to think about regarding the themes. Very similar to Arakawa in this aspect if you’ve seen that. The characters here are mostly strong, obviously emphasis given on the two siblings, but many other parts of the cast are well set within the 12 episode frame. I would have liked some more on certain characters, but that’s unrealistic to ask for in a short series.

Before the series even ended, I found myself very attached to Kyousuke who the story is told from (third person). We understand what he feels in each situation. We laugh when he laughs, we laugh when he’s in crazy awkward situations, our hearts are shattered as he deals with some things that I imagine would destroy such a caring brother. And finally we can’t help but smile by the end.

One of the key messages behind this tsundere is simple; the little sister might be a pervert who is also one massive and inconsiderate bitch at times, but it’s well worth the effort to forgive and accept her for who she is. I know I can’t really say anything because I don’t have pretty, yet perverted bitch of a sister (I’m stuck as the younger sibling myself :P ) but we can all learn from the admirable Kyousuke. It’s worth fighting for. When she can be damn cute xD


As mentioned awhile earlier, the aesthetics of this anime aren’t anything to get excited over. Animation is acceptable, and designs aren’t anything new. If anything, when I first started this series, Kirino didn’t seem to be such a spectacular female lead.

Speaking on my behalf, by the end of the series I found myself eventually liking Kirino and most of the other cast, despite the underwhelming art. The rest of the anime also grows on you too.

Kuroneko meido!


This anime has some of the most memorable moments in any series I have ever seen. I will definitely watch it again, and most likely I will end up in tears. The ending hits the spot, and provides the perfect mix of conclusion, more surprises, intensity, sweetness and room for the series to grow. The ending credits was also one of the better ones I’ve seen, with a montage of short clips that are absolutely hilarious. Yes, the series has room to grow and it most definitely will (at least with the aforementioned ‘bad end’ I do believe)…but I really hope they won’t ruin such a masterpiece with lifeless sequels. However, I have faith. The series was fresh and brought surprises and a perfect blend of comedy, character development and depth for a 12 episode series. I’m sure that whatever is branched out from this series will be another good surprise!

9/10 (that’s being harsh and taking a mark off for the art)


School is tedious

That’s right, my test period at school is finally here.

It’s impossible…to keep blogging whilst studying and working at my new job.

I hope you won’t be disappointed and stop reading my blog…

So I’ll keep trying to post screenshots at least!


So yeah, I managed to finally get a job after being lazy for too long. Been ‘trying’ to get a job since a few years ago in order to satisfy my material ‘needs’. Now that I have a job, I’ll be able to satisfy most those desires, but hopefully soon I will learn to save my money. After all, I think there’s more value in spending money on something like long trips overseas than buying a whole lot of dvds/blurays.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely stop buying those things XD


Oreimo episode 7, mainly just screenshots

Sorry guys, I’ve had quite a lot going on recently so I haven’t been able to write up several posts. Also, I’m afraid I will be dropping episode by episode blogging on Bakuman. Mainly because I don’t really have the time for it, but also because out of the three I find it the most disappointing. That’s a personal opinion and I’m sure many of you love it (especially those who haven’t read the manga).


Okay, back to Oreimo episode 7. From the rest of the series and what’s happened so far, we can notice a pattern going on: the series is damn good. Each episode manages to provide character development (or at least hints of it) and hilarious situations. Crossing the halfway point for the series, this episode has Kyousuke in for a little surprise at the beginning.


We get all the joy of watching arguments between Kirino and her good friend ‘Kuroneko’. Always good to watch the two otaku fight XD.


Also quite refreshing to reflect back on your own past heated otaku discussions!


The World God Only Knows ep6: “I’m Ordinary?”

Sorry guys, I seem to have forgotten about this. Shame on me for putting Mass Effect 2, homework and Kaichou wa Maid-sama before my own blog :P along with random trips to IKEA and Officeworks to hunt for a new leather chair…anyway….

The second episode in the Kanon arc is here (a few days ago :P ) and it seems there will be a third, as the pink-haired idol is yet to be conquered. Soon after the episode begins, Keima who is by now the best pick-up artist in the world, uncovers the secrets behind the pop star and works out what makes her tick. After her disappearance last episode, everything is revealed and Keima initiates his strategic approach to win a place in her heart. It doesn’t seem all that hard at first, as she was the one who approached him first this time.

We are shown through the tough schedule Kanon faces, with photo-shoots, drama filming, fan service, interviews and concerts consuming her life, days on end. In the midst of all that, Kanon still manages to think of Keima constantly as the one who paid no attention to her despite her high-profile nature and looks that demand attention from everyone.