June Log

Once again it’s been awhile since my last blog post, and that’s probably because there’s not much to say… Been busy studying; school life is detrimental for blogging! At the moment I am posting on my new Samsung Omnia 7, using the Worpress app which works quite well so far. One downside I have noticed though is the lack of landscape support, which would probably make typing a bit more comfortable. A little hiccup, but it would be nice to see it supported in future updates. Back on general, I love Windows Phone 7, as does my good pal Roger who recently got a HTC Mozart. The UI is definitely a driving power behind this young mobile OS. Perhaps we also adore it because it makes us indie…? ^^” probably being the only ones in our entire school sporting WP7 devices, perhaps there is a subconscious desire to stand out from the crowd of iPhones and HTC Android devices which are dominating the market in our school.

If I was posting on my computer (which I am actually sitting in front of already), this post would have been done already >.< but I think I’ll put up with cramping hands for this post. So regarding ‘updates‘ I have made, I have changed my web Twitter background and avatar, hopefully to make it a bit more appealing aesthetically for those who haven’t adopted use of a client such as Tweetdeck. Secondly, I have installed WPTouch for this blog, allowing a mobile theme. A bit of a hassle in the process was the lack of WP7 support. Clearly, this plugin was tailored for the masses; i.e. iPhone users, so in order to get WP7 support I had to resort to Google. Android support should be in by default (haven’t tested). Also back on Twitter, I’m curiously looking forward to how many more will start using it post-iOS 5… I wonder if I’ll see twitter haters with a sudden change of heart ^^”

*update* The blog’s comment system is now powered by DISQUS

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And there goes my battery, have to go plug in now… (left it at halfway yesterday, didn’t charge)

Regarding anime, I have finally finished Ore no Imouto… and Level E. Both are great comedies :D also starting to catch up on Gosick. Starting to watch anime again after a little drought, I have finally dropped my habit of ridiclously following too many series, like 10+. Now I stick with one or two :] Also I finished Dream High, which I absolutely loved. Will definitely rewatch it!

In regards to music, my profile will demonstrate how much my listening habits have changed. With SNSD and BigBang possessing my day-to-day listening, my metal had to suffer. However, my love is still true and strong and I am keen for Blind Guardian‘s show at The Factory Theatre in late September! On the other hand, I am quite upset with the age limit on Periphery and TesseracT‘s tour…so close to my 18th that it hurts :’(

Time to get back to my life as a student…

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*update from PC* added some photos ^^

Holidays: quick update…

Hello world! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything on this site. Haven’t kept up to date with all that anime, and the Fall 2010 season is already over (for the 13 ep series such as Arakawa and Oreimo). Bakuman is still going after passing its halfway mark, and steadily improving on its [frankly] tedious start. It even has a second season announced which is great news for fans of the manga! The World God Only Knows also announced a much needed second season, after finishing disappointingly with a filler episode (a good one, but bad placement. Would’ve preferred some more plot to finish the season).

Christmas and the school holidays have really killed the blogging spirit. After several weeks of intense yearly tests, all a student really wants to do is lie on a couch, watch anime (without thinking about what to blog about it!), go out with friends and party. For these few weeks, between sleep and part time work, I can easily say this is so far one of the most packed holidays I’ve had…as long as I can remember. Partly thanks to my parents loosening the leash, and improved organization skills :D So far there’s been fireworks watching, family gatherings, movie marathons, anime marathons, city trips, restaurants, fishing, poker, and a bit of collab work with Roger. Not bad so far, but more parties are definitely needed XD and homework too.

Just recently discovered DJ Max Technika! Such a newbie at these fun rhythm arcade games!

Plans for the rest of the holiday include The Kings Speech, Tangled, Green Hornet, city trips (need moar DDR and DJ Max arcade! ^_^), several more marathons, getting a grip on my solo electronic music project, maybe changing my bedroom to a different room of the house (smaller, but narrow shape allows for something new?) and hopefully kicking off more collab projects I’ve talked about with some friends! Got some exciting ideas that I really hope come to fruition. Might start writing film reviews again if I get bored of all the games I bought from the massive Steam sale! One 700 word film review will be much easier to write than weekly anime coverage!

Will need to work more shifts/get a second job if I want to have a even better holiday next year overseas though T__T Going job hunting at restaurants with a mate next week.

Rented FFXIII recently, didn’t play much due to my nit-picking on the English VOs (which are actually mostly good). Will have to import the Chinese copy with English subtitles and Japanese voices!

Apparently they are coming to Sydney soon. Haven’t really listened to them much :S

I wish SNSD would come instead :P Might have something to do with them being female

Need to sleep, shower and get up again within the next few hours…getting a haircut and seeing the hyped The Kings Speech tomorrow with family, so I’ll update this with a YouTube embed of my remixed song soon! おやすみ!


New look for LokLokLogs approaching?

Good evening (what salutation do I give at 3:26am?!)

I am currently in the process of creating a new theme for LokLokLogs’ blog, which should be complete in the next few days. Currently, I am using the wonderful Mystique theme, available free by digitalnature which has provided me with fantastic choices and options with considerable flexibility, but I have decided to use my own starting as soon as possible. This way, I will have as much control as my skill and software allows, and hopefully a design that I find suits the site as I want it at the present moment. The new theme will probably be quite typical, like most simplistic-type blogs these days…but it works well! I probably won’t be able to have some features that were available in professionally made themes such as Mystique, but I hope that will motivate me to learn and move forward. Secondly, I plan on moving the blog to after thinking that I won’t really need anything else on my site besides this blog which is the main focus.

And yes, tests are almost over for me, just one left! I’ll be free!!! …for awhile.

Wow, it’s getting late here so I better get a move on. Hopefully Gochisou-deshita and myself will have something well under way over the next few weeks!

Bye bye!

I did my first reverse parking and movie made me laugh lots

Sooooo today, Leon the L plate driver with 43 hours logged did his first reverse park. Yay!

In other news, big exams coming up this week for many of us, so with that comes a lot of study. And with that comes a lot of procrastination. This time, I have added a few little things:

  • Chatroom link on the sidebar is now a pop-up
  • A different forum/board software is in use, will eventually remove the Everything and Anything forum which I never managed to get to work properly
    • New forum/board (Kareha) runs on something similar to the renowned Japanese 2ch (or our 4chan), with forced anonymity. I just need to work out how to customize it and add a sidebar just like 2ch

I had been considering using that board style for awhile now, but I guess I managed to forget that I wanted to. However, recently I watched the film Densha Otoko which translates to Train Man. Tis a Japanese film about an otaku who falls in love and changes his ways. I might write a review of it sometime…

Read on!

I hate word limits in assessments :’(

So just a quick little something before I get back to creative writing for school…

I have changed the banner/background here, mainly because I didn’t like the feeling that I was using the complete defaults of this wonderful Wordpress theme I’ve got running at the moment. I’m quite indecisive, so some things might change again…quite soon…

It seems both gochisou-deshita and I wander off to our blogs every time we procrastinate (he’s done quite a considerate revamp of his site by the way!). Actually, on that note, I might take his idea and redo my About Me page a bit differently. Like he said, a profile makes it easier to read!

Now I’ll leave you with a short movie review…I plan on making it a somewhat regular thing, seeing as I do watch a lot of movies hahaha