Hong Kong: Return to Motherland

It is hot; almost twice the temperature I had expected it to be here in Hong Kong. This, frankly, unwelcoming weather, coupled with the humidity and air pollution made for a rather unsatisfying experience as I set foot outside the airport. Speaking of which, the airport which is ranked overall amongst the top of the world’s airports by Forbes and many other random surveys… perhaps the consensus is that it is the world’s ‘best’ airport, I don’t remember. I wouldn’t doubt it, seeing that it was quite remarkable- clean and expansive.Five years ago I came to my motherland for the first time and my memory of that is hazy to say the least, but I remember that there were guards on post and patrol, armed with riot gear and submachine guns amidst all the fears escalating in those times. Glad that that was not the case this time ^^”

Despite everything, this is a nice city though

…but for now, time to rewind a bit.

Freed from secondary education

Back to when I was still in Australia. This blog has been a bit malnourished for the past few months, overshadowed by both exams, and severe laziness. I managed to find a ridiculous amount of time during my ‘study’, managing to watch Korean dramas, shop on eBay, finish Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2 (which I finished in one and two sittings, respectively ><)…amongst other things.

Bought Girl’s Generation’s new album :D Lucky it arrived from South Korea the day before I flew.

While on the topic of spending money, the recent Steam Halloween sale prompted me to buy Resident Evil 5, and the Dead Space games. I do get a little bit of a fright now and then, but it’s not so bad >< It’s actually exciting to have a scare every now and then.

Also finally pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Limited Edition from OzGameShop, a British based store for Aussies to import games, massive savings :D I actually had to get the limited edition because it was the best way to get a Wii-mote equipped with a MotionPlus sensor. Didn’t play the Wii enough to warrant a MotionPlus purchase back in the day.

Whilst waiting for Skyward Sword, I got Xenoblade Chronicles to sooth my hype. It’s rated extremely highly, and after playing for a little while… it definitely deserves the love. Though it doesn’t seem to have as much awareness as it should here. Probably because the market for Wii around these parts is limited to ‘Children’, and then even most kids like to think they’re all grown up and get one of the other consoles instead.

In the midst of all this consumerism and geekery, I had a few exams going on. Admittedly they are the most important exams I’ve had in my life to this point, but I’m pretty sure I cared about my sixth grade spelling bee more than these. Anyway, it’s over; some subjects were harder than I expected (or I hadn’t prepared adequately), whereas some were ridiculously easy. At least that’s what I say now… only time will reveal the fruits of my efforts.

Anyway, back to the brighter side of life. School’s out, and that meant packing bags. I took a break from packing to go to the opening of the new IKEA store located in Tempe, right next to the airport. It’s great, just like the other IKEA stores I’ve been to: inspiring and appealing to the often pretentious interior ‘designer’ (aka. decorator) in us all. The upbeat opening of the store featured girls in traditional Swedish dress, ABBA music (blasting through a speakers of pretty good quality) and free food. However, in the end it’s much the same as other IKEAs. Don’t get me wrong, being the same isn’t a bad thing, no need to change what’s not broken right? After this rather long trip (and standing in the rain for almost an hour waiting for the ‘every 15 minutes’ free shuttle), we’re off.

Hong Kong

I didn’t spend too much time at the airport upon arrival, as I was feeling rather nauseous post-flight. Much rather having my own two feet on the ground, or driving my own vehicle; the absence of control or the illusion of control unsettles me. Babies crying didn’t help the cause either.

I like watches. So the abundance of advertisements blessing the Hong Kong airport pleased me great deal :P

Hopefully I do get to have a better look around this remarkable structure before I leave.

After getting myself unlimited 3G internet usage for the duration of my stay from ’3′, we left to make our way to my grandparent’s place to crash. Exiting the cool and well lit interior, an unexpected wave of pain hit me all over. The temperature was the least of my worries. I had come prepared for cold and rain, so I had not packed clothing suitable to this hostile environment. Anyway, here are some snaps. This might take awhile given my current blogging gear: internet sharing/tethering from my Omnia 7 (thanks to the latest update that finally enabled the Mango feature) to mum’s Samsung netbook. Photos taken from both my phone and a Sony Alpha 55. Don’t ask me what lens, because I don’t know about cameras :P This combination of multiple photo sources, a small keyboard, a lack of a mouse and slow-ish internet will prove rather tiring.

The above method to locking the toilet door is probably a common thing around the world. However, in my opinion, the ones I see in Australia are some pretty annoying devices, ruining the toilet experience. Also below: apparently pickpocketing is notorious in Hong Kong. Be careful with your goodies!



Nice fridges

Bamboo scaffolding


Something that alarmed me a little was the access to alcohol, convenience stores and supermarkets have it readily available, often on display next to snacks. Apparently this is common, perhaps Australia’s the ‘strange’ one out there. Well, alcohol is everywhere and it manages to wriggle its way into young hands some way or another :/





Yakult is so expensive in Australia! Drinking more here :P Only $8.50 HKD for 5


Midnight snack

A gift for cousin from my mum. Last time I saw my cousin was five years ago, back when she couldn’t even speak yet! It’s great to see her now as a toddler ^^ She’s still shy because she doesn’t know me very well :[


Now I am extremely tired from a severe lack of sleep and still a bit ill from the flight/weather, so I’ll update this later. If you come back at a later date, you might find some more photos around.