Hong Kong: Return to Motherland

It is hot; almost twice the temperature I had expected it to be here in Hong Kong. This, frankly, unwelcoming weather, coupled with the humidity and air pollution made for a rather unsatisfying experience as I set foot outside the airport. Speaking of which, the airport which is ranked overall amongst the top of the world’s airports by Forbes and many other random surveys… perhaps the consensus is that it is the world’s ‘best’ airport, I don’t remember. I wouldn’t doubt it, seeing that it was quite remarkable- clean and expansive.Five years ago I came to my motherland for the first time and my memory of that is hazy to say the least, but I remember that there were guards on post and patrol, armed with riot gear and submachine guns amidst all the fears escalating in those times. Glad that that was not the case this time ^^”

Despite everything, this is a nice city though

…but for now, time to rewind a bit.

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