August Log

August is over, a lot faster than I had imagined. It has been a big month, both for me and in general it seems. Anyone who reads or watches the news, or uses Twitter, would know many things that have happened within the past few weeks. For example, Steve Jobs has officially stepped down from his CEO position, ‘Tabco”s announcement was sadly anticlimatic for me, and HP has announced plans to abandon plans in regards to webOS. There are many opinions and articles about both of these subjects so I need not dwell. All there is to say really, is that fan or not, Steve Jobs was an amazing man who ought to be admired for his passion and his role in influencing consumer technology in the recent years. And, HP? Well, all I can say is I am glad to be lucky enough to get my hands on one of the firesale HP Touchpads from Harvey Norman. Even without any intention to purchase a tablet anytime soon, $148 was too good to let go. So here I find myself at the end of August, $148 poorer than expected, eighteen years old and nearing the end of my highschool life.

Firstly, just a small update about the direction of this blog. For the time this site has been up,  it’s direction has been ambiguous, not entirely fitting into a set category. But hey, it’s a blog and I guess, that ambiguity is essentially me. Part film and anime review, part fanboying, part diary-like…but all me. However, now I have things a bit cleared up. Initially, I had tried to do many things on this site ranging from weekly anime coverage and opinions, to daily blogging. Unfortunately, neither were quite feasible considering school commitments and my lazy habits. Additionally my reluctance in sharing too many things regarding my personal life here has restricted my topic choice. Now, I’m thinking is a time for a bit of change. I’m not saying that I will now turn this blog into a dark place filled with angsty feelings and pollute it with needless emotion, rather I will attempt to share from a wider range of topics. But why? I have plans on relocating all my anime, music and tech talk to another website instead of cluttering up a single blog into a complex mix of everything. Hopefully that site will be up soon, so that I can pour out all my fabulous intellectual insights into geekery that I’m sure the internet is yearning for! In all seriousness, ideas are being thrown around between myself and some other buddies for a more structured approach to tech/anime blogging. That will leave this blog being what I had always wanted it to be: simple, clean and with a clear direction. A better personal blog.

Moving on.

I had stated that this month has been a busy one for me personally as well. I have ceased working both my casual jobs for the time being, so the root of all evil does not lie there, but in the cause of that. Namely, exams. My second last set of exams in my remaining highschool life has ended, and the results have also returned. The results were alright (will talk more about that later).

To be honest, I am writing this post with the assistance of my calendar (note: on the Touchpad, which has a pretty good Calendar application with Google and Facebook integration). It seems that the exams have eaten up half of my busy August! The next big thing about August would be the amount of birthdays to be celebrated within it; my father’s, several of my friend’s and even my own. Even several of my relatives overseas had their day of birth in this month, but unfortunately all I could do for them was a lovely Facebook wall post. Many Facebook wall posts also had to be written for all those peers and acquaintances, and acquaintances of acquaintances who happened to be born in this month. In the end, this was mainly a big month because of my friends and I turning 18 years old, which in Australian society signifies recognition as a legal adult. This means marriage without parental consent, smoking, gambling, drinking, admission into all those exciting clubs/bars/casinos,  personally signing contracts, having a Passport with double validity than the minor’s one, getting credit cards, PayPal, eBay and voting, amongst other things. So, naturally, I celebrated my birthday (and also the end of the exam period) by going out with some friends. It was a shame though that most of my closest were not able to attend either because they weren’t allowed out, or that they are younger than me ^^” Nonetheless, I had a spectacular night out eating and drinking (responsibly) with a few friends along with with my cousins and brother. Very glad to have such people there to celebrate with me ^^ I also got my I.D. checked by the cashier at the bottle-shop, which was just so thrilling, having a cheery ‘Happy birthday mate!’.

All good things come to an end, and indeed, after a night out which was lots of fun, it was back to school and receiving our exam marks. These were some pretty important tests, which in the end worked to solidify our rankings within the school cohort. These rankings are worth half of our final university entrance assessment, the other half being the marks we achieve on the days of the actual exams which will be in October and November. In the end, the result will only be significant for those planning on going to university, and even beyond tertiary study people will care more about experiences rather than a number given at the end of highschool life. With that in mind, I do as best I can (somewhat lazily), but also seek to work outside of the boundaries. If there are any opportunities to experience more, I will take them ^^

Yes, I do intend to and desire to enter university next year, and now, my mind is pretty set on a course I want to do. Well, only as certain as it can be at this point in time… Like most children, adolescents and even those already in the workforce, my mind has changed a multitude of times in regards to what I want to do in my lifespan. Careers that have intrigued me have ranged, often at polar opposites; for example a career in the games/animated film industry, a psychologist, architecture and even being a musician. None of these have been completely discarded from my interest, but some are distant dreams or will remain mere interests, perhaps something I will read in a magazine or watch in documentaries. Music though, will be something I plan to hold onto quite seriously for some time. As for the course I have now set my sights on, Industrial design, came across while I was thinking about architecture, which was what I had become increasingly interested in over the past few years. I had studied basic Graphics Technology (i.e. technical drawing) in junior high school, and I think short course was enough to plant a seed. As a child, I had always loved drawing, but mainly of the comic variety; monsters, aliens, robots, gore. However, something that remained a constant feature in what I aimed for artistically was realistic accuracy and attention to fine detail. This ultimately was not suitable for my pursuit of drawing comics/manga. I love simplicity, yet with a sense of detail and sophistication. While that sounds ridiculously pretentious, I can’t think of any other way to put it ><” I love comics that perhaps have simple characters, but amazingly precise backgrounds, artworks and photographs of high-rise cities with details in buildings’ windows, cars on the streets. I seem to have gone on for a bit :P After visiting university open days, I have a better idea and sense of direction now, but in the end, I just hope I find something that suits me :)

This month, I also attended our school’s ‘Dance Party’ for the first, and last time in the 6 years I’ve been at highschool. I figured that since school life is ending, I might as well show some positive school spirit. Each term there is a dance party, each themed quite well and distinct. On that night, the theme was chosen as the era of the 1990′s, which led to my friend and I dressing as the Men In Black. Suitable, because we both like wearing suits. The culture at these dance parties is often for people to create and design their own costumes, for example, other more creative and interesting costumes included The Wiggles, Pokemon, Backstreet Boys, Age of Empires. Overall, it was alright, the atmosphere was energetic and everybody was enjoying themselves. It was just what I had expected before we entered, which is both good and not so good. Perhaps I was not in the mood, or quite likely I prefer a quieter atmosphere, so it was only ‘okay’ for me, and not ‘legendary…best evar’.

Speaking of quieter atmospheres, seeing as I’m a responsible adult now, I think I shall scout around the city’s nightlife, in particular bars. Searching for a place to relax and maybe have a drink should be exciting :D Damn, it seems it is no longer August in Australia T^T

Until next time, ciao


The Wacom Inkling

Just a quick link in regards to art/design: (Thanks Roger for sharing!) Price is a bit steep…but might come in handy!