June Log

Once again it’s been awhile since my last blog post, and that’s probably because there’s not much to say… Been busy studying; school life is detrimental for blogging! At the moment I am posting on my new Samsung Omnia 7, using the Worpress app which works quite well so far. One downside I have noticed though is the lack of landscape support, which would probably make typing a bit more comfortable. A little hiccup, but it would be nice to see it supported in future updates. Back on general, I love Windows Phone 7, as does my good pal Roger who recently got a HTC Mozart. The UI is definitely a driving power behind this young mobile OS. Perhaps we also adore it because it makes us indie…? ^^” probably being the only ones in our entire school sporting WP7 devices, perhaps there is a subconscious desire to stand out from the crowd of iPhones and HTC Android devices which are dominating the market in our school.

If I was posting on my computer (which I am actually sitting in front of already), this post would have been done already >.< but I think I’ll put up with cramping hands for this post. So regarding ‘updates‘ I have made, I have changed my web Twitter background and avatar, hopefully to make it a bit more appealing aesthetically for those who haven’t adopted use of a client such as Tweetdeck. Secondly, I have installed WPTouch for this blog, allowing a mobile theme. A bit of a hassle in the process was the lack of WP7 support. Clearly, this plugin was tailored for the masses; i.e. iPhone users, so in order to get WP7 support I had to resort to Google. Android support should be in by default (haven’t tested). Also back on Twitter, I’m curiously looking forward to how many more will start using it post-iOS 5… I wonder if I’ll see twitter haters with a sudden change of heart ^^”

*update* The blog’s comment system is now powered by DISQUS

And there goes my battery, have to go plug in now… (left it at halfway yesterday, didn’t charge)

Regarding anime, I have finally finished Ore no Imouto… and Level E. Both are great comedies :D also starting to catch up on Gosick. Starting to watch anime again after a little drought, I have finally dropped my habit of ridiclously following too many series, like 10+. Now I stick with one or two :] Also I finished Dream High, which I absolutely loved. Will definitely rewatch it!

In regards to music, my Last.fm profile will demonstrate how much my listening habits have changed. With SNSD and BigBang possessing my day-to-day listening, my metal had to suffer. However, my love is still true and strong and I am keen for Blind Guardian‘s show at The Factory Theatre in late September! On the other hand, I am quite upset with the age limit on Periphery and TesseracT‘s tour…so close to my 18th that it hurts :’(

Time to get back to my life as a student…

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*update from PC* added some photos ^^