This Season…

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post here, but I guess that was inevitable with a tough year of my studies. As a result of this, I will not be covering any anime this season…In fact I haven’t watched a single episode of anime in over a month, which is quite disappointing T__T

You might be thinking, “it’s the school holidays now…watch some damn anime.” but you’d have to say “stop socializing and don’t start playing CounterStrike again…watch some damn anime!” to be more concise :P

Finally finished watching Boys Over Flowers though, after a month long halt… (I forgot how cute Ga Eul is!) :) I think I’m becoming a sucker for cute romance dramas haha….


What else did I do…well, my Omnivium by Obscura vinyl record finally arrived :D Looking for some storage options now, but these are way too expensive :S

Pretty much, I’ve been going out or working everyday which is a change for me. Past holidays comprised only of one or two outings per week and a healthy dose of anime. At least I’m still watching a lot of movies :)


Paul: 8/10 (some really funny stuff, kinda immature though)
Suckerpunch: 6/10 (bad movie, all it is is eyecandy. Take that as you will)
Battle Los Angeles: 6/10 (non-stop action is good if you’re in the right mood)