March update

Just a quick update to keep this blog alive and kicking. Seems like I still get hits when I don’t post for weeks! :D What prompted me to squeeze in a short blog post in between my homework was a nice comment I received about this blog from a friend of mine…who I had no idea would come here :P He reminded me of the old times, when I had the Durarara!! inspired chatroom on this blog. Good times…

Life’s been alright, but who cares anyway? Anime, music and tech is way more important. In fact, they are what make it worthwhile to live on earth. It’ll be hard to find anything more exciting than constantly refreshing Engadget during MWC, crying and laughing with the anime characters you hold dear, and listening to some nice beats.

I’ve been watching anime, and I can now comfortably say that Madoka is the best anime this season for me. I absolutely adore the blend of cuteness and grim themes! Other ones I’m loving are Fractale, Kore wa Zombie and Gosick :) Still on the topic of anime, my Azusa figure should be arriving soonish! Will have to blog about that when that happens. In regard to movies, I’ve recently seen Black Swan which was amazing (you’ve probably heard enough about it). This week I’m planning on seeing Rango! Might post a review of that.

How about tech? Well, I guess all I have to say is the iPad 2 was disappointing. Despite the underwhelming specs, it’s still going to sell well. Apple plays the market well; they know they have a solid product, which thrives on ‘Developers, developers, developers!’. With the amount of apps, existing customer base and the influence their brand name has on the general consumer base they really didn’t need to release a spec-beast to keep selling. Well played; they didn’t need to spend more money manufacturing a ‘better’ device. That being said, they still haven’t got my  money. (and thousands of others who weren’t keen on the original).

However, recently I did have an epiphany. My internet line was dead for a few days, which resulted in resorting to tethering, but in that time I was aware that I spent a significant amount of time off the computer. My computer usage was more than halved. Maybe about 20% of usual, just because of the internet. Oh dear.