After School Merch Unboxing

Back to school after holidays, and the stress is starting to sink in with assessment notices already. New timetables too, which is always exciting…awesome days where I finish after two or so lessons (not as awesome as a mate who finishes at 9:05am…) and some terrible days with 5 hour gaps between lessons. Anyway, after all the back to school fuss on a hot 38 degree Celsius day, I arrived home to the long awaited AmiAmi shipment in which would be my long awaited (and delayed) Hitagi GSC figure! That’s my one item in this box :P the rest belongs to Roger and another friend.

Senjougahara Hitagi is one badass chick. Loved Bakemonogatari so much :D

Roger’s Fate! It’s nice :) Quote mum: “Does the box have to be that big?”

I finally watched the Nanoha movie in the recent holidays at Roger’s place. The beginning was rushed to try and fit so much of the series into a single film, but it got a lot better towards the end. Personally I like Fate better than Nanoha too :D Very nice figure Roger!

His two keychain/phone straps

Friend’s Littlebusters shirt. Heard he’s finished the game now! Now he’s trying to get to 100% I think…

Will post some pics of Hitagi unboxed when I get some work done. Might do it when my 2 other packages arrive XD. Oh, and I also received my YesStyle shipment of a cardigan and plain longsleeve, which…aren’t too suitable for the current state of weather in Australia.