Two more weeks is not enough! >.<’

Well into the latter half of the summer holidays here in Australia, and I’m not keen for school starting at all! Friends and cousins of mine who are at uni (and enjoying their longer summer break) tell me to cherish these high school days and enjoy them as much as I can… They say university work is so much harder. While I don’t doubt that in the slightest, at least they (mostly) get to study subjects they enjoy. I just hope highschool flies by quickly and then I can enjoy the social life of university that I’m so envious of at the moment.

First up, stuff about anime and such (get the stuff readers want covered before I go on a rant). I will not be providing episode by episode coverage on this new season unlike my attempt last season. However, I will provide comments within each blog post.

Here’s my remixed song I forgot to embed last time:

So far in this season’s anime offering, I have watched Gosick, Level E, Freezing, Beelzebub, Infinite Stratos and Kore wa Zombie desu ka. Once I finish the last 5 episodes of Samurai Champloo I’ll check out some of the others (Fractale, Puella Magi Madoka Magica). By the way, Samurai Champloo is badass; epic fights, interesting characters, quality production and lots of fantastic laughs. Out of the 6 new anime I have started, my favourite is definitely Level E. It has the humour and a fairly good sci-fi set up, and even potential light romance. It’s absurdity has a slight tinge of Arakawa in it, which is definitely a plus. My close second favourite is Gosick, simply because it looks to be a decent mystery series, and I’m loving the adorable costumes! Next up would be Beelzebub and Kore wa Zombie… tied. They both are action shounen series, both filled to the brim with craziness, but stylistically different. I’m hoping Infinite Stratos turns out well, as I’m quite a big fan of mecha series. So far, I’m having a hard time seeing the ‘mecha’ aspect behind all the clichéd harem. Freezing, an ecchi action flick with female warriors (akin to Claymore) almost had me turn it off and drop it completely due to its dull nature and 4:3 aspect ratio, but the ending gave a glimmer of interest. Nothing special, and not some super ecchi; but a wimpy boy causing trouble…once again akin to Claymore. So basically, this season is a fair bit better than I expected.

ZombieGosickGosickLevel ELevel E

As you might have gathered, I love all sorts of genres: from typical boy stuff to the cheesiest romance. On a somewhat related note, I watched Disney’s Tangled today, and absolutely loved it. I’ll rate it 8.5/10, with marks taken off for some plot weaknesses/lack of smoothness and the fact that it doesn’t do anything new. It takes a classic fairytale and does a top-notch adaptation for modern audiences. Recently I also saw the renowned The King’s Speech, which is one of the highest quality films I’ve seen. It does basically everything well; 9.5/10. I’m not giving it a ten, but depending on my reaction when I see it again, I just might. What makes me say that is it’s not one of my personal favourites…Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction are examples of tens from me.

It seems I have already hit 500 words, so now I’ll move on to my holidays which I know you are keen to hear about. Since last post, I’ve attended a failed Lord of the Rings movie marathon (people lost patience and decided to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy instead), moved to a smaller room and worked a total of one shift. I really hope that job hunt reaps some results soon!

As you can see, this is my new room. Getting the bed to fit right into that spot there was quite a hassle. We measured it and thought ‘hey, this will fit perfectly!’. But deep down in my pessimistic soul, I know things always sound too good to be true. Turns out, the bed was approximately 2 centimetres too long which logically followed with my dad saying: ‘let’s cut off the bevel from the wall!’. Using my exceptional Year 9 and 10 industrial technology skills, I quickly advised him to cut the leg of the beg to form a sort of support ‘joint’ with the wall bevel (see bottom left of photo). After a bit of time and a bit more sweat and blood, I’m happy to say that it turned out quite well! XD

The bed being able to slot in nicely is a big advantage in this room, but there are also other reasons for my switching to a smaller room. This room has 3 power outlets as opposed to 1, which is definitely good as I don’t want to risk overloading the circuit! Also, with my previous desk setup, space was not maximised. Now that I have put my tower on the adjacent rolling cupboard thing, the desk can nicely fit two persons/allow proper use of a wheelie chair.

A bit messy...

It’s also nice to tilt the screen and watch anime while lying on my bed :) Speaking of which, I have also started watching some Korean dramas after recommendations from friends and cousins. Boys Over Flowers is amazing, even if you’re a boy who doesn’t fangirl over the supposedly hot male leads. It’s so much better than most western shows (How I Met Your Mother is still epic of course), but that might just be a subconscious Asian bias/nationalistic feeling I have… Also started watching Cinderella Man, just because it stars Yoona (my favourite :)   )! Best screensaver ever. ^.^  My love for 소녀시대 has been rekindled!

Too cute!

Now I’m just trying to get more posters for this room and maybe some shelving for my upcoming Senjougahara Hitagi and Nakano Azusa figures! Might switch all my lighting to LED as well…

Need to get that hanged up

I’m guessing I should go watch some more anime now, and then start some homework tomorrow…seeing as I have plans the following 3 days. I’m going to have serious trouble reading a book,  a play, revising math and Japanese before the holiday end. Maybe I should get some mates over for a study session like the K-ON!! girls :)

Adhesive residue after I removed my bubbly screen protector T_T will have to fix that…

Printer feat. 3 friends and a cute Secret Santa present I got :D

  • tabetaiii

    haha you should cherish your last year of high school! but then after a year or two, you won't really care^^" there's much more freedom in university and what not

    I found freezing quite good, well the manhwa was^^ It's really different as opposed to the manhwa, which I was surprised and found disappointing.

    Btw, a nice room set up:)

    You should check out, " you are my destiny" , it has yoona in it, spanning over 100+ episodes^^

    Cinderella man was really good but I wasn't fond of the korean version of " boys over flowers", it was just too dramatic for me, I liked the jp version, maybe cause I'm just a jap freak^^"!

    • ~樂 樂~

      thanks! Yeah "You Are My Destiny" is high on my 'to watch' list now :D

      I get what you mean by BoF being too dramatic...every episode is full of tearjerkers/ridiculous bullying :P

      Haha i hate highschool, cant wait to study things that might actually interest me