The World God Only Knows ep5: “Idol Bomb!!”

The World God Only Knows episode 5 returns with the introduction of the next ‘target’ to conquer a Loose Soul out of after a filler episode last week. We’ve already seen Keima win the hearts of 3 girls of varying personalities, so far my favourite being Aoyama Mio, the yellow haired twin-tails girl. This time Keima’s target is a highschool pop idol, who just recently became the best new artist, kicking off her career as a singer, gravure (?) model and seiyuu. Her posters are everywhere and fans are screaming, including Elci! So how on earth can Keima meet such a famous young girl? Well, conveniently…it’s convenient. I’m not going to ‘spoil’ it explicitly, but these implications lead to the obvious. It turns out that Keima doesn’t even need to make an effort to meet her as she simply appears right in front of him one day, managing to seriously piss her off unintentionally.

Thus begins pop idol Kanon’s quest to gain attention of Keima, who is the only person who does not recognize her or fawn over her ‘super kawaii-ness’ like, frankly any of the other male population. I can agree she is ‘kawaii’ with her singing and fancy clothes, but I still prefer others over her :P and Ranka will always be the only idol-type anime character for me! XD

The episode is overall alright, with a fair share of laugh-out-loud worthy moments and display of Keima’s amazing ability to read the ladies’ personality traits, but unfortunately this anime definitely gets overshadowed by a certain other series this season.


My October ‘loot’, first nendos evar!

Today I joined the proud ranks of anime figurine owners after I journeyed to Roger’s place to pick up my box of loot from Japan and the US. We had taken a trip to IKEA to hunt down some workspace options and upgrades to our rooms. Roger was looking for some glass display shelving for his Fate figurine which releases early next year, along with some lighting options and some general browsing for prices on various things. I wasn’t there for any specific, just browsing, seeing what might be useful and suitable for my productive-ness and aesthetic pleasure. After all, when I’m not at school most of the time is spent in my room. The only times I leave it are to go to the toilet, eat, refill my tea, talk to my cat or watch some movie on the TV. In the end, neither of us bought anything from IKEA, but it was still worth it to find out prices of various things that might be needed in the future. Then we went to see The Social Network, which opened here last week I think. I found it pretty entertaining, but found it a bit confusing at the beginning because of the non-linear structure which I did not expect.


After this I went to pick up my loots, which had finally arrived. As you probably have read from Roger’s blog, I had ordered a Hitagi figurine from AmiAmi which was unfortunately delayed until December. Nonetheless I am still pleased with my acquisition of my first nendoroids: Azusa and Black Rock Shooter (which caused Roger some frustration due to its marked down price…). I also got a Asuka (Evangelion) ‘memo mousepad’ by Movic.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

I also finally received my ‘limited edition’ Lithograph from RightStuf. Labelled 120 out of 250 prints, this 16 x 20” lithograph caused me quite a lot of pain but I am very glad to have it as I felt the need to purchase some Clannad merchandise after finally getting around to watching it (and completing it very quickly!). ‘Lithographs’ are supposed to be super high quality prints, but on a first glance…I can’t really see what differentiates it from any other official quality print. It’s still beautiful though :P I love Clannad :)


Now I just need a frame for it and sit it up on the wall in front of my desk!

It seems I had forgotten to write up about The World God Only Knows episode 5…after being distracted by watching Gundam Unicorn episode 2 right after. I find Gundam Unicorn absolutely gorgeous, but coming from me I don’t know how much that means; I’m not exactly a hardcore Gundam watcher, only having seen Gundam 00. The art is high quality, as with the music and sound (except, sound doesn’t travel in space…but we’ll forgive that cos it’s badass) and the story seems quite developed, politics, war, etc. Typical mech type, but hey, it works.


I’ll have to go write up that episode 5 now, after playing around with my Azu-nyan for a bit first of course!


Oreimo Episode 5

Ore no Imouto is back this week with another episode of almost perfect blend of humour, serious themes, tsundere and sweetness, which helps keep it deeply grounded as the best surprise in anime for me this season, and possibly even this year. For the first one or two episodes, I was not fully convinced that Oreimo would step beyond the boundaries that most tsundere type anime reach. As we can see though, it really does shine through with the help of its confronting absurdity.

I was going to write a six or eight hundred word passage on all the themes this episode deals with and the questions it raises to the viewer, but I honestly feel that will take away from some of the magic this series holds.

Look forward to the most amazing and reliable brother showing unconditional love and self sacrifice for his little (and still quite rude) sister. We know most of us wouldn’t ever be this caring and considerate to a sister who kicks you right in the manhood!


Bakuman Episode 5: “Summer and Name”

Episode 5 kicks off with Saiko, infatuated with his innocent love, dreaming and reminiscing the sweet glances he exchanged with Miho. He describes the sheer coincidence that they happen to turn to look back as them being perfectly ‘in tune’ with each other. It’s all very sweet and lovely, and the whole episode is once again just like this.

Kaya also sets her place as one of the main cast, stirring up some romance. One thing that pleased me with this episode was seeing the interaction between the two female mains, who are meant to be best friends, yet we had not previously seen too much about them.

Besides all the love that dominates significant portions of this anime, we do still get the seriousness of the duo and their dream to become mangaka shining through clearly. This episode further explores the difficulty of the creation progress as Shuujin comes up with stories which he thinks would be suitable for a shounen manga. Watching scenes such as these is the main reason I’m still following this anime. Overall I’m starting to feel that the anime on a whole is quite average and that they really should have done it a lot better. Firstly the art disappoints me, and then the renaming of Jump to Jack, even though I know that decision wouldn’t have been in the producer’s control. Another little disappointment with this episode was the lack of Eiji. He appeared at the closing of the previous ep, weird noises and everything, which had me pumped to see more of his wild antics…but he didn’t show.

Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t be dropping Bakuman anytime soon as long as they keep up what makes it special, and do it well: the anime about manga.