Oreimo Episode 6

Opening straight away, the latest episode of Oreimo indicates to us what this episode is about: Tamura Manami, Kyousuke’s close childhood glasses friend. More specifically, after a short discussion with a classmate, we can see this episode deals with the relationship between the two close friends. The subject has always seemed quite interesting to me, moreso after the pointers in a previous episode regarding Manami’s feelings. After seeing Kirino’s friend Ayase appeared, I thought for a second that she could have developed into a love interest for Kyousuke, as unlikely as that would be. An intriguing prospect, but nonetheless shot down after Kyousuke managed to make her think he was some sort of ‘sister’s love’ pervert.

We see Kirino for the first time (I think?) in her school uniform!

Dakimukura from ‘amozon’!

This episode gives us a break from some of the intensity given in some of the previous episodes, with some really funny stuff. The grandparents are perverted, yet amazing (though I personally wouldn’t want grandparents like that…), allowing for some pretty hilarious scenarios, which I would imagine would be INCREDIBLY awkward for the characters.

The episode provided some nice insight into Kyousuke and Manami’s past as childhood friends, which is rather sweet and really supports a development of something happening between them as the series progresses.

We are introduced to Manami’s little brother, also known as ‘Rock’ who sports a ‘monk-like’ hairdo, which he thought would make him a complete badass. *cough* Funny kid, hopefully he’ll appear more than once in the series! Speaking of which, I hope Ayase returns…some series tend to accomplish something with a secondary character and then just throw them away. That’s totally understandable in some instances (The World God Only Knows for example, yet I do feel some might return later??) but generally, I feel that characters that have spent considerable screen time to develop character could be of more use.

Nawww, Kirino misses her brother! How cute!

Definitely A LOT cuter than the Kotobukiya figure of her…