The World God Only Knows ep5: “Idol Bomb!!”

The World God Only Knows episode 5 returns with the introduction of the next ‘target’ to conquer a Loose Soul out of after a filler episode last week. We’ve already seen Keima win the hearts of 3 girls of varying personalities, so far my favourite being Aoyama Mio, the yellow haired twin-tails girl. This time Keima’s target is a highschool pop idol, who just recently became the best new artist, kicking off her career as a singer, gravure (?) model and seiyuu. Her posters are everywhere and fans are screaming, including Elci! So how on earth can Keima meet such a famous young girl? Well, conveniently…it’s convenient. I’m not going to ‘spoil’ it explicitly, but these implications lead to the obvious. It turns out that Keima doesn’t even need to make an effort to meet her as she simply appears right in front of him one day, managing to seriously piss her off unintentionally.

Thus begins pop idol Kanon’s quest to gain attention of Keima, who is the only person who does not recognize her or fawn over her ‘super kawaii-ness’ like, frankly any of the other male population. I can agree she is ‘kawaii’ with her singing and fancy clothes, but I still prefer others over her :P and Ranka will always be the only idol-type anime character for me! XD

The episode is overall alright, with a fair share of laugh-out-loud worthy moments and display of Keima’s amazing ability to read the ladies’ personality traits, but unfortunately this anime definitely gets overshadowed by a certain other series this season.