Oreimo Episode 5

Ore no Imouto is back this week with another episode of almost perfect blend of humour, serious themes, tsundere and sweetness, which helps keep it deeply grounded as the best surprise in anime for me this season, and possibly even this year. For the first one or two episodes, I was not fully convinced that Oreimo would step beyond the boundaries that most tsundere type anime reach. As we can see though, it really does shine through with the help of its confronting absurdity.

I was going to write a six or eight hundred word passage on all the themes this episode deals with and the questions it raises to the viewer, but I honestly feel that will take away from some of the magic this series holds.

Look forward to the most amazing and reliable brother showing unconditional love and self sacrifice for his little (and still quite rude) sister. We know most of us wouldn’t ever be this caring and considerate to a sister who kicks you right in the manhood!

Slight spoiler here!