Bakuman Episode 5: “Summer and Name”

Episode 5 kicks off with Saiko, infatuated with his innocent love, dreaming and reminiscing the sweet glances he exchanged with Miho. He describes the sheer coincidence that they happen to turn to look back as them being perfectly ‘in tune’ with each other. It’s all very sweet and lovely, and the whole episode is once again just like this.

Kaya also sets her place as one of the main cast, stirring up some romance. One thing that pleased me with this episode was seeing the interaction between the two female mains, who are meant to be best friends, yet we had not previously seen too much about them.

Besides all the love that dominates significant portions of this anime, we do still get the seriousness of the duo and their dream to become mangaka shining through clearly. This episode further explores the difficulty of the creation progress as Shuujin comes up with stories which he thinks would be suitable for a shounen manga. Watching scenes such as these is the main reason I’m still following this anime. Overall I’m starting to feel that the anime on a whole is quite average and that they really should have done it a lot better. Firstly the art disappoints me, and then the renaming of Jump to Jack, even though I know that decision wouldn’t have been in the producer’s control. Another little disappointment with this episode was the lack of Eiji. He appeared at the closing of the previous ep, weird noises and everything, which had me pumped to see more of his wild antics…but he didn’t show.

Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t be dropping Bakuman anytime soon as long as they keep up what makes it special, and do it well: the anime about manga. So far they are doing it well enough, we’re seeing the dedication of the two, the passion and we’re even given a decent amount of the technicalities such as pen types, editing process and terminology that were all in the manga I fell in love with. :)

There are still plenty of funny scenes too, including homage to Dragon Ball in this particular episode!