Bakuman Episode 3: “Parents and Children”

You might know that I’m not an avid manga reader. I hate books, but I like pretty pictures, so I should be addicted to manga. But most of the time I’m within 2 metres of a TV or a PC…and I much prefer moving pictures. So naturally, I watch a lot of anime. Anyway back on track, I imagine many manga readers must feel what I feel when watching a series of which they have read the manga. It’s a feeling that has both good and bad sides. On one side of things, I’m ecstatic to see these characters that I’ve grown to love actually move and speak. But on the other hand I become critical of things they might change and I found myself impatient having the episode end. “Oh come on, it’s ending and it’s only up to here?!?!” is what I feel.

Rambling aside, the episode picks up where it left us hanging last time with Saiko rushing off to his uncle’s studio with Shuujin. Half the episode was about the studio and the amazing resources they discovered within. It’s pretty cool, feeling almost exactly like an adventure anime with the heroes discovering their quest. They find all the tools they will need to begin their journey: pens, feather dusters, tones, professional set-up and thousands of reference materials such as names (manga drafts), original manuscripts and shelves packed choc-a-block full of series volumes such as Dragonball. With all that ready for them plus both their talents, all they need is a story.

The other half of the episode is about a secret of Saiko’s uncle that the duo uncover hidden in the corner of his life. Not much to spoil, but I still don’t want to ruin anything for those who haven’t read the manga. Pretty much, we learn a significant amount about Saiko’s uncle which is important.

There was a scene where Saiko was speaking with his father, which provided some of the drama moments in this episode.


Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi

Arriving home from school today, we received a surprise at our front door. My dad’s Amazon Kindle had arrived after ordering on Wednesday, which is alright considering it’s express. However, it was also surprisingly just left lying there in it’s box while we were expecting a note to go pick it up from a post office. Rather disappointing from DHL Express. What if it started raining? What if someone in my neighbourhood could sense it was a Kindle?

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about the Kindle as I’m not really the reading type. If I read books, I’d probably already have one of these. But then again my dad isn’t much of a reader anyway. Which is why he only really wanted one for its international free 3G browsing, which is 100% understandable. Internet <3


The World God Only Knows ep2: “One Hell of a Little Sister / Baby, You’re a Rich Girl”

The World God Only Knows is one of my favourite anime this season, with episode two holding ground and proving itself to be a solid series.

The last episode left us with Elci proudly claiming that she is Keima’s sister to the entire class. Following directly on, this episode opens with a scene of embarrassment. Confirming our suspicions, Keima is labelled as an outcast by peers. Soon, Elci insists on becoming Keima’s little sister and follows him home with the intention of living with him, obviously triggering a negative response from him. After dealing with the mother in a very questionable manner (expected of a demon, but not such a cute one…) she is accepted as part of the family. With her 300 years of cleaning experience, she cleans the entire house plus cooks up a rather intriguing meal. Despite the mother’s [manipulated] acceptance, Keima is still reluctant to acknowledge her which leads to a few funny moments, and some awkwardness. I won’t spoil it XD

I’m not too sure what to feel about this cute demon Elci just yet. We learn that she is very likely to fall for Keima, if not already…and about her past which draws some empathy from the viewer. However, some of her actions are a bit too far to me. Plus her weird pink floating cloth of magical powers is…weird. :P


俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない Episode 2

Oreimo is being hyped as a, if not ‘the’ fan favourite anime of this season. It’s definitely good in its mainstream nature (despite its mature themes), but I’m not entirely convinced just yet that it should have the attention it has at the moment. At the moment, I’m much more excited about The World God Only Knows compared to this. We’ll see though!

This episode was just as entertaining as the first, effectively making it a good relaxing watch. The characters have added depth in this episode, but so far it seems it might just turn out as I feared; typical tsundere. Still waaaay too early to jump to conclusions though. The father appears and actually says something in a scene, showing us straight away that he is indeed strict and dominating. Later on, we also see Kyousuke seeming to enjoy his sister’s eroge game! :O

This episode on a whole was about a 8 out of 10, being a fun watch as we follow Kyousuke and Kirino as they journey into Akihabara.


Bakuman Episode 2: “Stupid and Clever”

Today was my first day back to school.

Anyway, Bakuman episode 2 called “Stupid and Clever” or something along those lines aired a few days ago, and I just finished watching it with my mum, who also decided to follow this anime. :P Following the first episode with which I was largely satisfied, the second one follows on with the same charm and fun journey that kicked off last week.



I’ll just start on a quick note about the animation and sound (which won’t really be changing much beyond what I’ve said about episode one). On a second take, the animation quality isn’t anything to be worried about if I did imply it was, the only thing that is somewhat sub-par would be some of the middle/far range shots of faces, where the detail is a bit dodgy. Everything about it is pretty standard shonen, so that’s fine as long as you don’t compare it to flashy action series or massive money generating powerhouses like K-ON!. Like with most series, the seiyuu start to grow on you. Throughout the course of this episode I found myself liking Takagi’s voice even more!

episode impressions (slight spoilers)

Stupid and Clever follows right on from when the first episode left us with a quick recap of Saiko’s sudden proposal to Miho, which leaves him blushing as he prepares for school the following day.