The World God Only Knows ep4: “On a Crusade”

Opening with a very different tone, quite solemn, it seemed that we were in for an arc with a darker character, shrouded in mystery. The art room, the epic music… 17

Dark music featuring an organ in the background right after the OP, seemed to reinforce my view right up until the epic voice started talking. About the game which cannot be conquered…

So yeah, stop reading RIGHT NOW if you hate minor SPOILERS.


Soon enough we discover that the whole episode is in fact about a certain video game, which is infamous for being impossible to complete. i.e.. A heroine whom has never been ‘rescued’ in a galge. Keima, being the ‘God of Conquer’, obviously cannot accept this. So begins his journey to conquer Sora, the blue haired artist who wants her sketchbook to be seen by someone.

But it can’t. Why? It’s rather sad to find out that the reason why nobody can see her sketchbook is in fact caused by a massive glitch in the game. A event loop, with no way around it. However, Keima’s determination leads him to attempt every single combination of choices within this game.

So basically, this is a melodramatic filler episode which is pretty damn funny if you don’t allow yourself to be annoyed by repetitive scenes. Keima encounters sound bugs, upside down characters, Sora appearing as a creepy old dude and a random dodgeball minigame appearing during a lunch sequence. All of this, in a game which cannot be saved.

One thing we do learn from this episode is something about Keima. His intense focus and determination, which is noticed by Elci who comes to appreciate this powerful trait within her pretend-brother.

Elci calls her pretend-mummy “okaa-sama”

Windoes 7

Oppai mousepad