Bakuman Episode 4: ”Time and Key”

This episode also does deliver some of the more technical aspects of manga drawing and production, with Saiko going over some basic features of different types of ink pens, including the ‘pro’ level G-pen which is used for its variation in thickness through expert control, the steady Kabura and the thin maru/round pen. It’s a cool scene especially for those more art inclined. Additionally, Saiko gives Shuujin an explanation of the process of converting a name draft into a full fledged manuscript from the practice-makes-perfect inking, to the long process of applying tone and effects. Scenes like these are what make Bakuman unique and so appealing to the art crowd.

This episode mainly addresses the duo’s actual actions towards their dream, which they begin to realise isn’t their own. The two learn that others their age are aiming for the same goal, and that there is no time to waste as a talented young mangaka (who we get a short glimpse of at the end!) starts to gain fame. The bond between the two strengthens as they make sacrifices for each other, their own health and develop trust. With that, they set their priorities and give it their 100% devotion! That being said, I do hope younger viewers do realise that it is a story; chase your dreams, but remember that school is still kinda important!

And so is sleep!

We are also introduced to Miho’s best friend Kaya in this episode as she bluntly points of the flaws in a new ‘opponent’s art skills. She looks and sounds good so far! I hope they manage to represent her character well :)

One thing that made me kinda curious was that they changed the name of Shonen Jump magazine to ‘Jack’. Copyright issues it seems :P

Many episodes of Bakuman wouldn’t be complete without a fairytale lovey-dovey scene, and here we are given one that is to the higher end of the cheesiness spectrum. Now I may just be an obnoxious brat, but I couldn’t hold back the laughter as I saw all that blushing and hearing such soothing BGM. That being said, it is all rather cute in the manga, and I’m sure it will be for first time watchers.

The next eps should be…interesting as we start to see more and more characters emerge!

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  • maxxis202(notgay)

    Please tell me you know what that feathery looking brush thing is next to the G-pen. I doubt you know as ive been scouring the internet and cant find any info on it. But if you do id appreciate an answer!

    • ~樂 樂~

      Hello, I used to be a bit of an artist, but gave up awhile ago :P It's called a feather duster used to remove dust/eraser bits, here's a link:

      Merry Christmas from Aus!