The World God Only Knows ep3: “Drive My Car/I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party”

The mini stories of romance continue in The World God Only Knows with the closing of the Aoyama Mio arc. It was a pretty good episode, but really nothing special about it. It all progressed as expected from the previous episode in a well executed manner.

After this well balanced episode with serious heartfelt moments and sweetness bound to make you smile, I really hope to see some of these “conquered” characters return. Despite them being clichéd (intentionally), these conquers seem to be making Keima learn about real life (and real girls), which is likely the way the story progresses…but with that, I feel somewhat upset for him. After having these girls fall in love with him and then completely forget about him must tear a hole straight through his heart, even if he does understand the reasons behind Elci’s mission. We start to see hints that Keima is rather upset about this, even though he shrugs it off and moves on.

Anyway, I’m sure that down the track, after completing his quest he will have an actual romance arc! Until then I should just enjoy these mini-arcs and try not to worry about his emotional capacity to pick himself up and move on!


Blush galore. XD