The World God Only Knows ep2: “One Hell of a Little Sister / Baby, You’re a Rich Girl”

The World God Only Knows is one of my favourite anime this season, with episode two holding ground and proving itself to be a solid series.

The last episode left us with Elci proudly claiming that she is Keima’s sister to the entire class. Following directly on, this episode opens with a scene of embarrassment. Confirming our suspicions, Keima is labelled as an outcast by peers. Soon, Elci insists on becoming Keima’s little sister and follows him home with the intention of living with him, obviously triggering a negative response from him. After dealing with the mother in a very questionable manner (expected of a demon, but not such a cute one…) she is accepted as part of the family. With her 300 years of cleaning experience, she cleans the entire house plus cooks up a rather intriguing meal. Despite the mother’s [manipulated] acceptance, Keima is still reluctant to acknowledge her which leads to a few funny moments, and some awkwardness. I won’t spoil it XD

I’m not too sure what to feel about this cute demon Elci just yet. We learn that she is very likely to fall for Keima, if not already…and about her past which draws some empathy from the viewer. However, some of her actions are a bit too far to me. Plus her weird pink floating cloth of magical powers is…weird. :P

This episode reveals the next loose soul to be captured by Keima and Elci, which resides in a girl which seems to take on another stereotype character. Mio Aoyama, a short blonde haired girl who at first glance is definitely the rich and arrogant type. Similar to the first episode where Keima explains and describes the typical sports type girl, he goes into detail about his assumptions about Mio who seems to fit completely into his listed characteristics for a ‘pure and shy’ girl who is only cold on the outer shell. We soon see that there is more than meets the eye. Her character design is overall quite cute…won’t be surprised if she ends up a popular character.


Here is the ED, don’t have anything to say about the song just yet, but the video is quite interesting. The paint and all that is a pretty cool effect. I think this is likely to be the main ED for the series…last episode had a song playing behind the action. Eh, who knows :P