Bakuman Episode 2: “Stupid and Clever”

Today was my first day back to school.

Anyway, Bakuman episode 2 called “Stupid and Clever” or something along those lines aired a few days ago, and I just finished watching it with my mum, who also decided to follow this anime. :P Following the first episode with which I was largely satisfied, the second one follows on with the same charm and fun journey that kicked off last week.



I’ll just start on a quick note about the animation and sound (which won’t really be changing much beyond what I’ve said about episode one). On a second take, the animation quality isn’t anything to be worried about if I did imply it was, the only thing that is somewhat sub-par would be some of the middle/far range shots of faces, where the detail is a bit dodgy. Everything about it is pretty standard shonen, so that’s fine as long as you don’t compare it to flashy action series or massive money generating powerhouses like K-ON!. Like with most series, the seiyuu start to grow on you. Throughout the course of this episode I found myself liking Takagi’s voice even more!

episode impressions (slight spoilers)

Stupid and Clever follows right on from when the first episode left us with a quick recap of Saiko’s sudden proposal to Miho, which leaves him blushing as he prepares for school the following day. After having Takagi turn up outside his home, Saiko sets off to school whilst having a comedic discussion with the enthusiastic genius about nicknames. It’s the type of conversation which turns up in a lot of anime these days; involving alternate pronunciations of kanji and the humourous out-of-context meanings they can hold. I don’t really know how to go about writing a review without spoiling parts of the story, so I’ll try my best to just hint at things…

We then have a scenario where Saiko physically cannot continue his math exam due to being in the same room as the girl with whom his fairy-tale romance began just last night. It’s sweet :P and we can tell there’s going to be a lot more of these unrealistic romance moments throughout the course of this anime. Even Takagi (or Shuujin as he’s now referred to) thinks it’s very sweet! We get some character development into the personality of both Sakio and Shuujin through dialogue that takes place on the school roof. We learn that the duo think alike, and what they believe being ‘smart’ is. The two discuss chasing their dream, a dialogue which is filled with motivation and optimism.

The rest of the episode is then dealing with a problem that Saiko hadn’t realised before: his uncle died from ‘over-working’ as a mangaka…what would his parents think?!?

And I’ll leave it at that :) just watch it, I have no complaints about this episode beyond some of the dialogue/subtitles were a bit long-winded (I’m a slow reader).

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  • Sam

    You know, reading your reviews make me want to stop studying for the HSC and pick up watching this show. I guess I'll do that after November 10 :P