The World God Only Knows ep1: “The World Runs on Love”

To be honest, I had no idea what this anime was about. I had not even read the synopsis despite it being one of my friend’s favourite manga. So I had high expectations for something I knew nothing about. And even with that, I was thoroughly impressed.


Opening with a very clichéd romance scene, sakura petals falling outside a school building and then a blushing green haired girl with a mellow violin playing in the background, we are momentarily tricked into believing this is a romance. After several shots of incredibly cheesy moments, the green haired girl confesses her love. Then we see that all that was just a galge (dating-sim), which is being played by the glasses wearing main character who is revealed to be a master of galge, with “ten thousand heroines conquered”. Right away, we come to realise that this shifty fellow is one amazing virtual pick up artist. Oh, and he’s playing it in class and completely ignores/does not comprehend the fact that his actions aren’t acceptable. A rebel and a severe addict. Instantly an undeniably amazing character.

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The OP is another nice treat. I rarely find myself enjoying OP’s on the first viewing, but this one was quite good. The video has artistic merit and the actual song is pretty cool.

Our hero’s weapon of choice seems to be a PSP, or rather a ‘PFP’…which is a PSP with a qwerty keyboard. He uses his PFP to maintain his status as the ‘God of Conquest’ by helping fellow galge gamers by running some sort of support forum, and to actually play his games. I thought it was pretty cool…


The main plot picks up when Keima receives a message challenging him to win girl on his PFP whilst he is cleaning the roof of the school (which I must say is one pretty roof for a school). After sucking up to his ego he accepts the challenge, declaring that he is awesome and skilled enough for anything. Soon after, a cute ‘demon’ descends from the sky and we learn that:

  • Keima has actually signed some demon contract
  • If he fails, this cute demon girl and her ‘buddy’ (which is Keima) get their heads removed via some strange bondage choker which appeared around their necks
  • His contract is to make real girls fall in love with him
  • Why? Something to do with loose demon souls escaping and possessing the hearts of girls up on earth. By having these girls fall in love with our charming hero, his love becomes a part of their hearts, effectively throwing out the demon soul
  • This allows cute demon to catch them in a bottle which magically gets enormous and then conveniently becomes smaller again to fit in her hand
  • Cute demon (whose name is Elci) can alter people’s clothing?!?!?!

At some points, the episode didn’t seem to flow too well, but I like this anime a lot so far.


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Besides the OP, sound-wise things haven’t stood out much. However, I did find that part of myself becoming a fan of Keima was due to the seiyuu who did really well. After a quick look up, it does seem he’s been in fair few roles which explains it :P He has roles from shows such as Baka to test, ef, Fairy Tail, Ghost Hunt and Soul Eater.

The animation quality is fluid, perfect for the style here. Character designs are shounen style as are the flashier scenes. As with many modern comedies, use of alternate/simplistic styled scenes for comedic relief (within a comedy itself) is also quite common and adds a nice variation in tone. The backgrounds are nice and detailed, with locations such as the roof of the school looking pretty. Or maybe it’s just the fact that their roof is basically a park, complete with grass and trees…which seemed cool to me XD

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