Bakuman Episode 1: ‘Truth and Reality’

Finally, the anime adaptation of the only manga I follow to date has begun airing. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to start and was eager with anticipation as it begun. Bakuman follows the story of a talented duo as the chase their mutual dream of becoming professional mangaka (manga artists) with the main character Mashiro Moritaka as the illustrator of his prodigy friend Takagi Akito’s stories. You can read the plot synopsis here. Basically, it’s quite a sweet/cute story, with Saiko (Mashiro Moritaka) confessing his love, and makes a deal marry to the girl of his dreams (who is conveniently also considered the most attractive girl at school) once they both reach their own goals. Naww, how nice! If only real-life was as simple as that…

Being a fan of the manga, I have high hopes for this anime. After seeing episode one, I can’t say that I’m entirely impressed. That being said however, I think it will still be a highlight of this season.

Bakuman the anime kicks off with a rather interesting OP; a depiction of a fictional children’s anime that Saiko’s uncle had drawn the manga for. SUPER HERO LEGENDS! The lyrics are quite amusing, filled to the brim with cheese delight. It’s quite a cool intro to kick off the anime, but it might give viewers the wrong idea if they have no idea what it’s about. Right after this, the action cuts to a young elementary school Saiko reading manga and talking to his uncle, providing some decent back-story depth to the plot. Then the real OP comes in, which is rather average…


The story is simple, taking several unpredictable twists and turns right up to chapter 103, where it is up to right now in the manga. Being a 25 episode series, I just hope they pace the story well and don’t rush it…but I can’t really say anything at this point in time. After all, we’ve only seen one episode!

For a first episode, the story is set well. It’s not rushed at all, and starts to reveal to viewers the motives and goals of the main characters. Narrated by Saiko, we learn that he’s just like countless middle-school kids: he doesn’t quite know what he wants to do with his life. He seems reluctantly settled on the idea of having a simple office job, yet we can tell he thirsts for something more. Well, if he didn’t…then there wouldn’t really be a story! We can see the charm and humour in straight A student Takagi, and we can see the cuteness in Miho, but not too much depth as of yet. Anyway, this is just episode one :)

So far, I can’t see there being any problems arising regarding the story for this anime any time soon.


The art in the Bakuman manga is absolutely gorgeous. That’s needless to say, considering it is brought to us by the creators of Death Note. The character designs and style, and level of detail are top-notch. However, the art in the anime doesn’t seem to be too much to drool about. It was apparent right from the beginning that it was just average; animations and backgrounds were just what should be expected of productions in this day and age, and it doesn’t seem to go beyond that. Character designs are quite true to the manga, but for the sake of animation purposes have the detail level turned down a few notches.

Despite my minor criticisms, the characters do still hold their distinct charm though!


Mentioned previously, the OP didn’t exactly get me too excited and neither did the ED. They both work and serve their purpose, but maybe they’ll grow on me. No background music elements have stood out so far.

Seiyuu are well suited and portray their characters convincingly. The Saiko and Takagi combo work well, voice types complimenting each other as they should. Miho’s seiyuu also does a decent job, and I’m sure I won’t mind Hayami Saori, who played Saki in Higashi no Eden (one of my favourite anime!) despite the differences in Saki and Miho’s characters. So yeah, I don’t really have much to say about the seiyuu.

Can’t wait for the next episode! XD