Quick Review: Sky Crawlers

Okay, I had high expectations of this, mainly because it looked pretty and it is directed by Mamoru Oshii (of GitS fame). I also knew that it was supposed to be slow…but I did not expect it to be that slow…
Don’t get me wrong, its quite a thought-provoking and emotional story with decent characters, but quite frankly, it was way too slowly paced to keep me awake. The occasional dogfight brought some adrenaline-pumping excitement, but sadly it was not enough for me.

On the other hand, The Sky Crawlers is very well produced. Breathtaking 3D animation and scenery blended with stylistic 2D characters simply amazed me with its beauty. The music (especially the opening) was also charming and ‘pretty’. I also must congratulate the sound effects, as that stood out to me.
Looking for some fast paced anime? Look somewhere else. However, if my comments on this appeal to you, check it out; you will not be disappointed with the beauty.

5/10 (Not my preferred genre)

Quick Review: Casino

I loved ‘The Departed’, Scorsese’s adaptation of Hong Kong film ‘Infernal Affairs’ (like gangster movies? go watch it now.), and knowing that he is one of the pioneers of the gangster film genre, I decided to pick up this renowned flick as my Saturday evening film (little did I know that it was almost 3 hours long and became more than my simple ‘evening’ film to be taken with tea and biscuits)

Yes, this film is bloody long…but what does that mean? Boring? No way…as you can see, I gave this film 5 stars (I’d prefer a decimal or percentage system here)…and in my opinion, ‘Casino’ manages to keep the audience enthralled for the whole time. My usual test for this is whether or not my eyelids begin to droop to the level which hinders my 100% awareness and perception; and I was not sleepy for 1 second of this film. *thumbs up*

The script is of that familiar gangster feel, with f-bombs dropped throughout (not as much as ‘The Departed’ though haha), and just that I-don’t-know-how-to-describe-it-gangster lingo. I won’t spoil anything, but it follows the typical ‘rise and fall’ stream of gangster flicks (akin to ‘Scarface’ another brilliant film). Acting is top-notch, convincing and emotional. Production seems quite brilliant too; sets are lovely and detailed, from the glamorous casino and fancy houses to the downtown bars. However, one complaint I have is the gunshots, more specifically, the lack of blood splatter. Some ‘The Departed’ style splatter would have been very suitable in this.

Being rated R, I expected the usual: sex, violence and coarse language. Sex in ‘Casino’ is less than most MA films these days; a brief nude scene and a M rated sex scene. The violence was quite brutal when it did occur, which wasn’t toooooo often, given the film’s 3 hour span. Coarse language, is yeah…average amount.

Also, the premise of this gangster flick is rather good; a Casino! This makes for a slightly different approach and originality to this film which is still at heart a gangster movie.


Oh dear…

Studying for some maths, getting bored. Then BAM I get called on Skype. Saved.

We talk awhile, and then get told to enter a competition to win a Panasonic Lumix. Nice.

Not really checking it out, I decide to make my entry a bit different…somewhat 16+ boy’s crude talk. After posting it and feeling good about my cocky post, I decide to check out the site.

Oh dear.

It’s a serious site for food lovers, not the usual type of blog I stumble upon. :S Food lovers should check it out. (promoting it to any few food lovers reading this is the least I can do to redeem that inappropriate act). This is so lame.


Sorry serious person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!