Quick Review: The Boat That Rocked

I was very eager and had high expectations when I picked up this film from Blockbuster Lisarow, for two obvious reasons: it was from the guy that brought us ‘Love Actually’ (a charmingly brilliant film in just about every sense), and its all star cast.  I’ll give this a 6.5/10…maybe you won’t bother reading on about a film that I decide is just ‘decent’ or ‘good entertainment’. Well, I shall justify my rating.

First is my ramble, skip this if you are bored already and just want to get to the flesh of this review…well, I have seen plenty of movies in my day and I think it’s fair to say that this movie seems to push the boundaries of how much sexual content is allowed in a M rated movie these days. I mean, basically, half the movie is about sex and the related kinky adventures of these ‘pirates’. Given the context, this is rather understandable, but still, MA15+ would’ve been more suitable. Hmmm…there also should’ve been more plot points based on music…but I guess the script was based around sex and its accompanying humour.

Besides that, this movie is fairly humourous, managing to keep me awake whilst in a extremely comfortable lying position on the couch. Two thirds of the jokes are of a sexual nature, but about 60% of the total jokes are worth a decent ‘lol’. The plot is rather simple, at times predictable, at times shockingly not…given the context, the plot is simple and sweet, and a little twisted. *thumbs up* Acting is obviously of a high standard, given the outrageous number of A list actors…but still, some scenes and emotions seemed a bit forced and weren’t convincing enough for me. This could also be partially blamed on the characters: there was a plethora of them, all with the complimenting personalities expected in this genre, and some were clearly shallower than they should have been. The music is perfectly chosen to suit the context. Directing was typical Hollywood- camerawork, editing, pacing, etc were all as expected.

Don’t get me wrong, this film is good entertainment, but ultimately not quite a masterpiece/work of art, especially when placed side by side with the genius of ‘Love Actually’.

SMASH 2010

Just a quick update, remember to head on over to Gochisou-deshita’s site for his coverage of SMASH 2010 Anime & manga convention @ Town Hall! It’s on today, right now. Unfortunately I couldn’t go, but I’m expecting a lot of photos though :D

Highschool of the Dead (Ep 1–4)

The zombie genre has always been quite a significant part of my entertainment; novels, video games and of course, films. The titles under this post apocalyptic horror genre rank amongst my favourite ever, with games like Left 4 Dead 2, House of the Dead arcades, Resident Evil and even the Counter Strike: Source zombie mod keeping me entertained through my earlier highschool years and films like George Romero’s Dead series, Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake and of course Shaun of the Dead being all time favourites of the 1400 or so movies I’ve rated on Flixster. Maybe just last year, I discovered the Highschool of the Dead manga after deciding I preferred the art style of manga over say The Walking Dead comic series (which is also quite good from what I’ve read). Not too long ago, the anime started airing.

There’s something about zombies that make them so enticing to fans all over the world, fans of all ages. For some it might be the gratuitous violence, whilst others might enjoy some cheesy lines. The horror aspect of zombies seem to die down once you’ve seen one or two good flicks, so those who enjoy hiding under cushions and blankets don’t get that sort of satisfaction. So why so much love? Well, for me, it’s probably the endless violence without the feelings attached to flicks about killing live humans (*cough* Rambo 2008*cough*) , and also the thrill that comes with the quest for survival. There’s nothing like hoarding up guns with a bunch of friends and shooting the apocalypse in the face.


As you might be able to tell, Highschool of the Dead is fairly violent, but also has a considerable dose of ecchi. From any Google Images search, you’ll bring up countless inappropriate shots of pantyshots, oversized bouncy breasts and everything else common to ecchi anime. If you’re not really into that, then be warned, fanservice scenes are quite common. That being said, some have commented that they come up at ‘appropriate moments’. I’m not quite sure what they mean…but they seem to often enough to concern those who are concerned. There’s the typical character types too: glasses girl, airhead (who is also a teacher), badass, and the main character type…all with ecchi moments, in varying degrees of extremity (ep4 is censored too haha). For those of you out there who love zombies AND don’t mind having a bit of ecchi to lighten things up, you’ll love this!

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