Writing an assessment on stalkers was a good idea after all…

One set of school stress is over…and I am rather glad. I celebrated with Scott Pilgrim VS The World (which was rather good as long as you understand the geeky references) and a nice steak lunch. Now, I shall relax for a bit more with some nice Pop and tea…

I lied.

There’s actually.

Tests on.



Moving on from an exaggerated complaint about tests from a subject which I am considering dropping, to………the relevance of the title of this post. It means pretty much just what it says: my last minute attempt at an English creative writing assessment task turned out unexpectedly well. Eight out of ten for the thing I began writing on my phone during a music period in which I was a restless and bored child. My letter from a ‘stalkee’ to their stalker featuring rhyming couplets, cheesy clichés and alliteration. I had actually thought I would get marks deducted for writing something that might have been obviously from someone running out of ideas.

Anime-wise there’s several things coming  up next month, including Animania 2010 on September 11 and 12. I attended this popular (Sydney only has a few…all are quite popular) anime festival last year with Roger and a few others. Being the second anime festival I ever went to (SMASH 2009 being the first), I expected to have quite a nice time…and I did. There was lots of cosplay, karaoke goodness (watching was fun, NO BLOODY WAY would I participate…sober), screenings and of course spending every single cent I had. Despite all that, I can still say that without a doubt, I enjoyed SMASH 2009 more. Partially it might have been due to it being the one I lost my convention virginity to, but somehow the atmosphere seemed better too. However I guess going again on the second day was a bit of a mistake on my part; choosing to go to socialise is probably something I won’t be willing to spend 30 bucks on again. So Animania 2010 will still be something to look forward to for a heavy dose of geek goodness!

Second thing on the agenda is ReelAnime, an event that seems to be annual for us Australians, where a selection of relatively new anime hits some of our independent cinemas (Dendy’s and Avoca for NSW). This year, we have Evangelion 1 and 2, King of Thorn, Summer Wars and Redline. This is a good selection, and being the only time every year we get to see anime on the big screen, I’ll be sure to attend!

Teaser for the two headlining features: Summer Wars and Evangelion 2.0

Thinking about Australia in these recent days, you must also be thinking of our current politics. Our hung government, and the uncertainties of our government’s future. I don’t know much, so I won’t say anything!

Regarding metal, Children of Bodom are well into recording their new album…but I’m not too keen. As a Hatebreeder and Follow the Reaper fan, like many others I’m not too keen after hearing Bloodrunk. Only time can tell.

My mum’s yelling at me right now “Dinner! Dinner!!” so I best be off!