I did my first reverse parking and movie made me laugh lots

Sooooo today, Leon the L plate driver with 43 hours logged did his first reverse park. Yay!

In other news, big exams coming up this week for many of us, so with that comes a lot of study. And with that comes a lot of procrastination. This time, I have added a few little things:

  • Chatroom link on the sidebar is now a pop-up
  • A different forum/board software is in use, will eventually remove the Everything and Anything forum which I never managed to get to work properly
    • New forum/board (Kareha) runs on something similar to the renowned Japanese 2ch (or our 4chan), with forced anonymity. I just need to work out how to customize it and add a sidebar just like 2ch

I had been considering using that board style for awhile now, but I guess I managed to forget that I wanted to. However, recently I watched the film Densha Otoko which translates to Train Man. Tis a Japanese film about an otaku who falls in love and changes his ways. I might write a review of it sometime…

Read on!

It’s a pretty funny film, albeit very clichéd and fairytale-ish. You can tell that right from the beginning, but it still retains a certain charm that a fairytale every now and then manages to achieve. My brother said it was somewhat painful to watch, and I guess he means that the viewer might be like ‘WTF LOLOLOL’ at the extremity of the train man’s nature, but I think that lends to the charm. I also hear that this film has a TV series, which seems to be more popular! I guess I’ll have to check that out soon. Anyway, in that film a board strikingly similar to 2ch (or maybe it actually is) was used, and somehow triggered my memory.

Oh, and I just came across this YouTube video, which already has 11.5 million views (I’m a bit slow…). It’s by a group/show that seems to be quite popular…a comedic song about MMO gaming, and basically the idea of people playing MMO for things people usually seek in the real world.


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    have you seen the japanese film love exposure? it's awesome

    • http://lokloklogs.com/ ~樂 樂~

      can't say I have...what's it about?

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    Ive read the manga of that densha otoko its pretty good

    • http://lokloklogs.com/ ~樂 樂~

      ooh! awesome! :D you should watch the film