It seems we’re just about halfway through the second, and final, week of our well deserved winter holidays, and it’s such a shame. Two weeks always seem hardly enough for such hard working high school students such as ourselves, but school must go on before our brains decide to fail any further. Of course, this is just talking from my perspective but I do imagine that others would feel quite similar to me. No doubt there are those who have studied more than me, and those who have studied less…yet it seems my flaw is in that the only subject I have studied is maths. Despite my justification of it being the highest priority subject, I do start to feel I shouldn’t have neglected other subjects which are quite taxing on the my limited memory (Japanese and Physics for example). Oh well, I’ll stop now before I start another post complaining about school.

Back to the subject—holidays…how have yours been? Fun? So far mine have been very…average. In my current holiday-mode lazy state, and general tired-ness, I cannot form essay structured paragraphs to elaborate. With that in mind, kindly accept my point form rundown:

  • Countless hours wasted
  • Cleaned room several times
  • Maths
  • Went to Sydney twice; once for Toy Story 3 @ IMAX with friends, once for hanging out with friends and Predators with dad
  • Forgot that I wanted to Vlog
  • Have my cousin and aunt from HK coming to stay soon
  • Had the World Cup steal my sleep
  • Watched and rewatched quite a lot of DVDs
  • Got frustrated a lot
  • Drank a considerable amount
  • I mean tea, not alcohol

Oh dear, just writing this thing is making me sleepy…maybe I should go nap. I promise to talk about something more interesting next time!