Winter Holidays!

The cold sets in here, where apparently it’s the coldest it’s been in 10 years. Or was it 30? Hmm, nonetheless it was a long time. Which says one thing and one thing only. Global warming is here. It’s gonna get you.

Enough of conspiracy theories, how have you all been? School buddies of mine, isn’t it great to be on holidays after those nasty assessments (some of you had A LOT that final week)? Let’s not dwell on those dark topics and focus on the glory of the vacation and other happy times.

Today (2nd of July) was our school’s ‘Big Day In’, a day of fun and games, activities and entertainment for all run by our lovely seniors. Needless to say, it must’ve taken a lot of preparation and management, and I congratulate them on a [largely] smooth and fun day. Obviously there are complaints to be made by me, the malcontent…just little things like the winter cold and the depressingly long time some people took to organize their sound check. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that! Three mates of mine plus myself were part of the talent show that was scheduled to run at the final two hours of the day, and were required for a sound check at 9:30…we basically ended up staying there for the whole time. Lots of complications, limitations (we had to cut our cover of Kissing the Shadows by Children of Bodom to under 3 minutes!), sleep deprivation, further limitations (they wanted under 2min 30sec…not possible)… Whinging aside, the talent show went quite well and ran quite smoothly with a balance of acts, ranging from Disney vocal covers to magic shows and ballet to our metal act. It was a nice way to end the term, despite not being able to participate in all those wonderful activities that I was really looking forward to experiencing Smile with tongue out

Vlogs. It’s been a loooooong time…but I have 11gb of HD footage filmed a few days ago when I had good ol’ gochisou-deshita and another friend over (using gochisou’s DSLR). Needless to say, we spent 80% of our time drinking tea and talking—not very productive at all. Then we got down to business and started filming some stuff. I should be getting around to editing that stuff in the next few days…*puts on To-Do list*.

Regarding the holidays (I say this every time), it upsets me when I think about it…school, despite being so boring and aeniv9g0afd, allowed friends to see each other 5 days a week. Holidays do not. Especially with parents who aren’t too fond of outings and the such.

Also, Happy Birthday to Bevan! aaaaaand I’m off to watch the first quarter final of the FIFA World Cup!