Plans for the holidays, For 樂樂 Logs

Soooo, I’m just sitting here at my desk drinking Tetley leaf tea with ~20mL of milk and 3/4 of a teaspoon of brown sugar with a sheet entitled ‘YEAR 11 3UNIT POLYNOMIALS TEST’ lying just in front of me. My pencil is ready, my blue pen is uncapped and my calculator is on…but first I thought I’d make a blog post. Just a quick one. With no whinging.

Sooo, I was just thinking that I might start a forum on here in the holidays, with anonymity in mind. What I’m hoping for is fairly serious discussions in anonymity, to remove the whole problem of identity (not to encourage trolls or whatever), so that people can have intelligent discussions without having people attack the person rather than ‘attacking’/countering with the discussion. Sounds good to me…but then again, so do many things when I’m doing maths…and at night…and bloody tired…

Mmmmmm next I think I will finally make a new vlog post: it’s been a month or so. Also, I’m thinking of taking a more structured approach to blogging/this whole site in general.

That is all.

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